Top 7 Tips for Your Android Security

There are times when people get to asked me if android phones are secure to use especially with mobile transactions and sending sensitive data using the internet. I don’t really know what to say but it’s up to those people if they want a secure android phone. It’s all about how you take good care of it and the way you use it. We all know that the Internet is now full of cyber-crimes made by the cyber-criminals. Internet is the best invention but in some ways, it can also lead to crimes. In this article, we will talk about how you can secure your android phone so that you will not get to experience being scammed, hacked accounts and contact list being spammed.

Top 7 Tips for Your Android Security

Top 7 Tips for Your Android Security

Before we move forward, let me just clarify to all of you that there is no 100% security that exist in this world. Although we are not sure about the 100% then we can just aim to be up to 99% secured. Internet security and online privacy will be best to practice with android security.

  • Restrict data access. Kindly have some time to check on your android’s data usage features. Most of the android phone have this kind of features and I want you to familiarize it. You can see which app has the highest data user on your device. You can look at this area wherein you can click on that app and allow it only to access Internet when connected to wifi. Sometimes you don’t really notice that an app is in access with the internet even when you’re not using it. I recommend to change its settings and limit it to wifi only.
  • Restrict application installation. Be careful when installing applications through Google play. Not all applications that you can get there are free from viruses and malwares. Sometimes if you’re not careful it can damage your android phone. Kindly check it first and read some reviews about it.
  • Do not save all your passwords. To save time to keep on logging in to a certain apps and websites, some users would like to save all their passwords. Always keep in mind that you have no control of the things that can happen to you. Think about you lost your phone and all your passwords are there and can be accessed in just one click. Always be careful and keep reading more about how you can implement android security for your own goodness.
  • Use a vpn service. You can be tempted to connect with public wifi. The things is, not all wifi that you can connect with are safe. Get a vpn service. It can protect your device as well as your personal information online.
  • Lock your apps. Lock the apps that are holding some of your personal information. It is like getting an additional layer of security when you lost your phone and they bypass your android security features when switching it on.
  • Use mobile security app. There are many mobile security app that you can install on your android smartphone to manage all of your security issues. Just try to find which is the best among them all that will best suit your needs.
  • Enable remote wipe. If there comes a time that you think that you lost your phone forever, you should have the ability to wipe everything in it. There will always be an app for that.

These are the few tips that I can give you to provide an android security to your android phone.


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