There’s an App for That: Insurance Apps Encourage Self Service

New mobile insurance apps are making insurance more affordable mainly because they enable customers to do more self-service instead of relying heavily on agents. Mobile cloud computing is a major technology that facilitates this change. This article will discuss this fast-improving technology and how the apps save time and money for insurers as well as customers.

Encouraging Self-Service

Through the help of insurance apps, policyholders can use their mobile phones to check balances, model loans and pay bills quickly and conveniently. Claimants can also report a car accident, upload related photos from the accident scene and use their smartphone’s GPS features to pinpoint the exact location for wrecker services. Moreover, policyholders can even pay their premium simply by uploading an image of the check. All of this is done in a quicker and more cost-efficient manner with the help of insurance apps.

Creation of Apps Via Mobile Cloud Computing

Insurance apps are perfectly suitable for cloud computing implementation. Even though carriers will have to support an entirely new channel, the process is relatively quick and cost-effective. Mobile cloud computing helps with self-service by enabling efficient remote connection.


The insurance industry benefits from mobile cloud computing, particularly companies with employees that need to handle business from off-site areas. An excellent example of how this technology allows greater flexibility and mobility is the management of email. Employee productivity can improve considerably when employees can view and respond to email without having to access an office network from a computer.

Agents can now stay connected with the office through the use of smartphones. With an insurance app, they can have access to updated information that will help them answer consumer queries on the spot. What’s more, insurance companies can notify customers immediately when policies are to be renewed, thus helping kick off new sales calls. Many independent agents today prefer companies that are easier to transact with. With these self-service capabilities, insurance apps can drastically help cut down costs.

Most Popular Insurance Apps

Here are some of the most popular insurance apps available in smartphones and tablets today:

GEICO Glove Box – The app features functionalities such as bill pay functionality, access to policy quotes, claims assistance and account access. It also provides how-to guides, videos and roadside assistance.

Nationwide Mobile – This app provides a car accident toolkit to educate customers about the right steps to take in the event of a collision. It also provides emergency service contacts and a list of repair facilities to save users time from searching online.

USAA Mobile – Consumers can get an accident checklist and access their auto insurance policy through the app. USAA mobile also helps users find a car rental facility when needed.

State Farm’s Pocket Agent – The app simplifies the process of accessing account information, recording accident details, filing a claim and contacting an agent. It also has extra features including the capability to search for tow trucks, gas stations and hotels.

The Future of Insurance Apps

The development of insurance apps holds a promising future. There are various possibilities that can significantly change the way insurance transactions are carried out. For example, an app that provides contacts and locations of approved medical providers, as well as a checklist of rehabilitation steps can help keep claimants right on track. It can also help insurance firms updated on the progress of injured claimants. With the continuous improvement of insurance apps, carriers, agents and customers can all benefit from the technology.

Travis Dearing has extensive experience in the insurance industry. He enjoys seeing the developments in technology filtering into his field. His articles mainly appear on tech blogs. HomeInsurance.com provides free home and auto insurance quotes.


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Sarah Park - January 4, 2013

These apps are absolutely wonderful. These are big help for busy people like me who do not have all the time to personally attend all the things like paying bills going to banks often. These are of very big help.

Kapil - January 11, 2013

This is an interesting topic Deepak. I work in the Life Insurance industry in Australia and we are constantly looking for ways to develop apps to support our Brokers. One of the most popular ones is iRisk Adviser which is on the App Store. This helps brokers calculate life insurance amounts, premium calculations, conduct a needs analysis via their iPad.


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