Switch Off Your Galaxy Note 7 Immediately, Samsung Says

The Galaxy Note 7 is a developmental evolution of the Galaxy Note 5. It had inherited all the hardware components as well as improvements from the Galaxy S7, including the restoration of the expandable storage and IP68 water resistance, many new features like dual-side curved display, improvements in the bundled stylus and software features that utilize it, a USB Type-C port and an iris recognition system.

The demand for the Galaxy Note 7 on-launch was very high. As per world newspapers, it even broke the pre-order records in South Korea which caused international releases to be delayed in some markets because of supply shortages.

However, on 2 September 2016, Samsung had suspended the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and had announced a voluntary recall which was referred as a “product exchange program”. After this it was found that there was a manufacturing defect in the phones’ batteries which had caused some of them to generate extreme heat which resulted in explosions and fires.  Samsung also had exchanged the phones that were affected with new revision that utilized batteries that were sourced down from a different supplier according to the US Newspapers.

Recently in October 2016, Samsung issued an alert to customers asking the users to switch-off-your-galaxy-note-7-immediately-samsung-saysimmediately and right away turn off their Galaxy Note 7 smart phones which had been impulsively catching fire. The first-time ever move came just one day after Samsung paused production of the dangerous devices.

Samsung stated to the world newspapers “ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7” while it investigates the cause of the fires. They further said, “Consumers with an original Galaxy Note 7 or the replacement of Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device.”

It was a major setback for the South Korean electronics manufacturer. The stock of the company’s plunged more than 5% in Seoul.

Though, Samsung had release Galaxy Note 7 device which was 5.7 inch with Apple iPhone7. But as soon as the phone was distributed, the customers started complaining that their Galaxy Note 7 devices started catching fire. Then, Samsung told them that this was happening because of the overcharging of lithium- ion batteries. The overcharging caused the phone and batteries to ignite. By early September, Samsung had recalled about 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices, worldwide. After recalling the phones, Samsung also offered replacement phones to its customers but, they busted into flames too.

One incident also took place in which an American user was carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement and flying aboard through South-west Airlines. The phone wasn’t even plugged in and it still managed to catch fire. All this happened before the flight got departed which resulted in the cancellation of the flight. This incident is being further investigated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the incident on the plane. Also, The federal Aviation Administration have issued warning to air travellers to keep they Galaxy Note  7 switched off and not to switch them on. This is applicable for the replacement devices as well.

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