Samsung to unveil its coveted Smartphone Samsung Galaxy C10 Plusin August 2017

In the current era, a cell phone is a necessity for almost everyone. This beautiful device has made its place in the routine life of mankind in such a way that one feels incomplete if he does not have his mobile with him. After the launching of the smartphone, the utility of this beautiful device has been increased to a great extent.Understanding the constantly increasing demand, there are a number of companies who entered the market of smartphone manufacturing and sales. One of the giants in this field is named Samsung. Though the company was already in the field of manufacturing various appliances but understanding the changing trend it also ventured into this field and provided lots of models.

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company which has been dealing in consumer electronic since decades. Later on, the brand ventured into research, development, and manufacturing of cell phones. With Samsung phones coming into the picture, other brands faced a strong competition.

Samsung phones were a refreshing break from the usual Nokia and Moto phones which were ruling the market then. The Samsung devices were sleek, stylish and came in a metal body which soon caught the fancy of people. Then came the Smartphone era and Samsung became the market leader. Samsung shared monopoly in the market for the longest time, and even after the introduction of Chinese phones in the market, the brand has successfully retained its position.

Samsung enjoys a huge market share and has created a brand value for itself. One of the noteworthy qualities of the brand is that it offers devices in all ranges. It caters to different segments of the society with its Smartphones placed in lower, middle and higher segment.

This time across the brand is all set to introduce its latest device in the higher segment. The brand is all set to launch Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus in August 2017 which has already become one of the most awaited devices of the year.

Let’s see the features a well as the specifications of the phone:

Display and Screen

The Samsung C10 Plus comes with a spectacular screen and display. The device is equipped with a 6.2 inchesSuper AMOLED display with capacitive touchscreen. The phone responds quickly to multi-touch. The phone comes with a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels with 474 pixels per inch.

The Samsung C10 Pluscomes in a full metal body. Another plus point for the display is the corning gorilla glass which offers optimum protection from breakage. Hence those who cannot take much care of this device despite huge efforts there is nothing to worry as the device is strong and sturdy that can offer value to money.


The Samsung Galaxy C10 Plusoperates on latest Android version 7 Nougat. The device runs on a powerful chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 MSM8956 with Octa-core 2.2 GHz Quad-core Kyro + 1.8 GHz Quad core Kyro processor.


The Samsung C10 Plusoffers a 13MP + 13MP dual primary camera with assist beam autofocus and LED flash. It offers Image resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels with digital zoom, face detection, and auto flash. It also offers a16MP front camera with video recording at 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps. For a cell phone in this age, the camera features hold great significance and hence the buyer while checking the device look at the same for the utmost result of the images. This is a perfect device for the one who loves to capture some mesmerizing images and shoot some video clips.

Battery and Storage

Samsung C10 Plushas in an impressive performance in storage and battery department. The device is packed with an internal memory of 64GB with an expandable memory of 128GB.

The phone is powered by a Li-polymer 3250 mAh non-removable battery which is known for quick charging. Hence those busy people who just need to carry out the business operations on the phone, exchange the files and store some of the important documents, this device can prove much helpful as it offers all the required features in terms of memory as well as storage.

Connectivity options

The Samsung C10 Plus is loaded with connectivity options such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot and UBS Port. It supports networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, and GSM. The device also offers 2 SIM slots with Nano SIM 1 and Hybrid SIM 2. Those who love to use the NFC can enjoy the use of different gadgets with the help of NFC as this device has this effective feature also.


This device is to be priced at Rs35000 which positions the device in Higher range. At given price, the device is expected to face less competition as compared to low and middle range. However, as it is in the premium segment, a common many can hardly go for it.


The Samsung C10 Plus is equipped with AMOLED screen and splendid camera along with robust configuration and powerful battery support. The Samsung C10 Pluscompletely justifies the price range it has been placed in and seems very promising. The kyro processors and cameras are remarkable features of the phone. Since it is expected to face limited competition in the higher segment, the device has the possibility to capture a huge chunk of the market. However, one has to wait till the launch to comment about the performance of the phone.

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