Samsung Galaxy Note 5 the best smartphone of 2015

Samsung has always managed to give best and it knows to dominate the market with its every launch. Whether Samsung has Galaxy Note series or Samsung Galaxy S series it knows to leave mark. We have good approach towards Galaxy Note 5 and moving forward to view it with pride.

Before we move to the features and specification of Note 5 check its most concern aspect i.e its price and launching date.

Price and Release date

The price would be around 1000$ as it is the revolutionary phone. and it is soon to be released in the market in the mid 2015. Samsung always remain wise in maintaining its routine of Note series launch. It never delays its launch as other company can grab its latest features so the leading companies like Samsung, Apple and Sony stay prompt to show the strength of devices.

Specifications and Features

Galaxy Note 4 is powered with Qualcomm 805 generation’s latest chipset coupled with Quad-core processor with 2.7 GHz.

The 4K resolution display, 3GB RAM and great camera makes Note 4 good choice. Galaxy S6 has shown its presence in the market with Snapdragon 810 and quad-core 3GHz processor, 4GB RAM. Galaxy S6 is boosting the level of market. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will keep the market at number one position with its worthwhile specifications and features.

The latest release S6 is copy of the iPhone 6. Apple is great in performance and manages to give full competition to Samsung. They try lot to defeat each other in their possible manner. iPhone 6 and its Plus is the best devices so far. But, I have complete admiration for Samsung phones because it takes care of everyone’s need.

Galaxy Note 5 specifications and features:

  • Snapdragon Qualcomm 82X+ processor with 3.2 GHz / Samsung Exynos 7X (10nm) 8-core with max 3 GHz frequency
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4K resolution display
  • Advanced TOUCH ID button and retina scanner
  • Metal frame design
  • Fastest charging capabilities and its charging capacity is powerful that it can charge your phone in 5 to 10 minutes.
  • 27MP ULL sensitivity rotator camera – front to rear
  • Capturing 8K resolution video
  • microSD slot & front Stereo Speakers

Samsung Note 5 is incorporated with 4k resolution display with metal slender design, which is latest for any smartphones. However, in this genre Samsung is not only involved as other companies are striving to compete in this revolutionary aspect.

Note 4 is not specifically revolutionized with any specific stuff as it has no latest thing to offer which other companies generally do not carry. Therefore, Note 5 has everything to offer to fulfill all your personal and professional  need. There is Galaxy Note 4, which is better than others, as it doesn’t have the plastic frame but made of aluminium along with larger display and processor is also fine. Galaxy S7 will also fast processor and other lies.

Note 5 contains all things you wish for. Other companies devices may fail to bring such great development.

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