Samsung Galaxy S9 to be the first of its kind

For most people today, a smartphone is the main device in their lives, which replaces a host of other gadgets – from the computer to the camera. That is why the quality of camera phone is very important: it is often the only camera that is at the disposal of man. Samsung Galaxy S9 does a similar job.

In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy S9 is equipped with probably the best camera of any smartphone currently present on the market. And it’s not just a snapshot, but it is absolutely gorgeous, but in a predictable result: I know I can at any moment to pull out of his pocket device and take a picture, and that it will not let me. The camera immediately starts instantly with focusing and instantly relieves. In addition, the smartphone is very well-evaluates the lighting conditions and automatically selects the optimal settings, but no one bothers to turn off the automatic and take control in their hands.

I myself am far from videographer, but the video quality in the performance of Galaxy S8is very impressed. The smartphone records video in 4K resolutions with stereo sounds. As is the case with photos, fast and reliable autofocus is the strength of the machine: the focus does not go up and down and induced a certain movement. An average user who just wants to capture important moments in life, nothing is better not to have to.

Like any flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8 has a large number of additional features to be extended range for the Samsung Galaxy S9, many of which are visible to the user is not immediately. For example, the function Always On Display, which shows a clock or calendar, even when the screen is locked – with the battery consumption increases not much, because the AMOLED-display energy consuming only those pixels that are active at the moment. A very useful feature, but hidden away in the settings.

The mode Always On Display smartphone always displays the clock or calendar (user selectable), as well as alert like other flagship smartphones and tablets Samsung, Galaxy S8 is equipped with a fingerprint sensor built into the button “Home”.Its usefulness is hard to overestimate: it is not only more reliable than the usual password, but also allows you to save time as to unlock the screen or authentication applications put your finger to the button is enough and do not need to mess with the introduction of the PIN-code or password. The only pity is that few applications support this feature, but their number is constantly growing. Therefore, the next Galaxy S9 is going to be at different level of processing.

James Mathews

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