Is the iPad Bad for Your Health

Technology has made us dependent on an endless number of gadgets. People are so much crazy about these devices that the China Daily published a news article where a Chinese boy is reported to have sold his kidney to own an iPad. You may choose to laugh at it, or take a second look at the inherent impact on our society.  Unfortunately, the adverse effects do not stop there. These super-modern devices also take a toll on our health. Almost all of them emit electromagnetic waves and manufacturers take extreme measures using shielded enclosure to curtail that effect. In spite of that, the radiation impact of iPad stays and keeps on eroding our health.

Why Is iPad Radiation Dangerous?

The popularity of iPad cannot be overlooked. Since its inception in 2010 there has been a rush of latest versions each promising better features. Users can do anything with it, listen to music, pay taxes or carry out official tasks. Sounds very convincing, doesn’t it? The more this device is recognized, the more the price falls, expanding the reach in the market. These days, even children have an access to iPads, which shows how young kids are directly exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

You may think this small device cannot be troublesome. Well, the answer depends on your span of exposure. If you are spending five to six hours a day with the iPad, the chance of negative impact is definitely higher.

The reason why this device is dangerous is its design. Firstly, like rest of the tablets in the market, iPads use Radio Frequency signals, i.e. WiFi to get connected to the Internet. So, the moment the iPad is turned on the transmission and reception of electromagnetic frequencies are active. Secondly, if you are using an advanced device that supports 3G or 4G network capabilities, the possibility of EM radiation is even more because the iPad is then connected to high-speed cellular network.

How Is It Affecting Your Health?

Although the radiation emitted from iPad is low, it is discharged at a persistent level. Every function running on the device exposes the user to EMR. This causes a number of health issues related to the skin and liver and may even lead to cancer.  Therefore, your cells are tremendously affected. Hence, the manufacturer suggests to keep the device at a certain distance from the body. Though the biological effect of RF radiation is controversial, studies show that human metabolism is definitely affected by excessive exposure.

How to Protect Oneself?

You cannot cut down the rate of emission because the product is already manufactured. So, what you can do is take some precautionary measures to protect yourself from the iPad EMR. Here is what you can do:

  • Always use iPad tablet on airplane mode when you are not accessing the Internet
  • Do not use the iPad while placing it on your lap or keeping it at close proximity to your body
  • You can even buy a shield to minimize the radiation effect

We cannot deny the fact that iPad is a brilliant device that helps to do a vast amount of work on the go. But you need to be careful about the radiation effect and use the device accordingly. Yes, it is true that a shielded enclosure ensures the device performs great and is not influenced by cross-talk among circuits. It even maintains the standard emission rate. However, self-awareness is significant. Try to follow the precautionary measures while using an iPad. If you really do not need to use the device, stop unnecessary browsing. This will prevent you from excessive EM exposure.

James Mathews

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