Importance of SMS Service in Lead Generation and Marketing

From past few years, the way of business marketing has changed greatly and Internet has rendered few promotional campaigns totally useless, encouraging businesses to find new and innovative ways. One of the best ways for business to be able to promote their deals effectively is by using SMS service. It has become increasingly popular for two main reasons: affordability and better ROI (return of investment).

Though many industries are willing to spend in software for their business, it is worthwhile looking at SMS services provided by a range of sites. These sites allow sending out messages for free and have proven beneficial in many ways.

More Bulk SMSs are Read than Promotional Emails

Businesses find that a larger number of SMSs sent are actually being read on daily basis than marketing emails; in this simple way, they can get more and more customers interested in buying their products. SMS service has become the best ever-growing marketing proposal that any business can adopt. It helps any firm in saving money as sending out an SMS online costs almost a fourth of what a normal marketing promotion would cost.


SMS as Means of Internal Communication

In addition to being able to send SMS to customers, companies find that it also allows them to send texts internally, facilitating them to interact with colleagues, sending out alerts about meetings, setting reminders etc. These services are not only cheap, but very easy to use; typing a message online takes fewer seconds than the traditional way of typing using conventional keyboards. It offers business with interesting and exciting ways to produce leads. It also encourages businesses to find new methods to attract customers, both existing and new, to offer them to provide suggestions, and request them to reply to queries.

Ability to monitor all the Stats

With so many advancements, online SMS services now come with many technologies that allow businesses to track what is happening with the texts that they send. The count of exact number of SMS sent, received, and successfully delivered can be determined. It helps them to find out which client should be sending messages online in future. It makes a quick note of how many clients are actually reading it and utilizing the SMS. Keeping clients interested in business is as important as attracting new people. It is the best way to save money and time as it knows the client they are sending the message and how many are actually interested in their offerings.


Mobile Marketing is the Next Big Thing

SMS service is also called as mobile marketing and is the most effective tool used by many businesses these days to promote things via cell phones. Before, sending bulk messages could lead to mark the service as spam, but now the rules set by networking providers allow millions of messages to be sent on a promotional note to prospects and clients. These services are used mainly to awake consumers about special offers, and new launches. The short SMS service is gaining recognition among the clients. Before beginning the SMS marketing campaign, you must find out the best ways to kick-off your advertising strategies.

You can choose either SMS software or bulk SMS service, depending upon specific needs of your promotional campaign. First off, plan your budget carefully and avoid unnecessary expenses. A well-planned SMS service is easy to manage, and it can fetch you great profits. If you follow few basic SMS marketing tips, like sending only relevant catchy and valuable messages, it will definitely improve your business productivity in the form of greater client retention, and also provide significant boost in traffic levels.

Author Bio – Rich has been working in field of mobile marketing and social media marketing since 2006. Click here to know more about the services that he offers to his clients. You can also check his live blogs on how to do social media marketing for success of any online business.


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Lead Generation - January 24, 2013

I believe that using SMS is one of the effective way of acquiring more leads.

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Mclane - May 2, 2013

Sms marketing with its myriad benefits has become the marketer’s favorite marketing tool. Since it is affordable, convenient and quick, people want to promote their business through this.


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