Android or iOS: Modern Battle.

Android and Apple have become most widely-known giants in mobile software. Each system has its big fans who claim that their favorite mobile environment is the most convenient. Many people just stick to one OS and believe that it will b difficult for them to switch to the other. However, every time you are buying a new smartphone, you have a choice, which operating system to pick up. For those who have just faced such a situation, we prepared a brief review over the main pros and cons of Android and iOS.


While Android OS is manufactured by Google and is compatible with a whole range of different smartphone brands, iOS is founded by Apple and can go only with their products, such as iPhones, iPads and iPods. So, if you are buying an iOS phone, you have much easier choice, because iPhones are usually sold in three or four models at a time. Otherwise, Android phones offer you a wide choice of various models with absolutely different function sets and price range. The main feature that distinguish all Androids from Apple phones is expandable storage. Of course, you can buy an iPhone with a lot of internal memory, but it will be your limit. Unlike Apple products, Android ones allow a micro SD card to be inserted, which makes your phone storage capacity almost unlimited. If large memory is very important for you, check Sony Xperia prices in your area.


Talking about interfaces, iOS keeps being more strict. It allows multiple home screens containing all the apps, which can hardly be customized, besides gathering the icons into folders. Android gives much more freedom, starting with the fact that its interface can differ from phone to phone. You can customize your Android home screen by putting some widgets or even removing all the icons into the menu to enjoy your screen picture.


Each system has its native source of applications. For Android it is Google Play Market, for iPhones it is App Store. While Android allows an option of downloading from other sources, like Amazon, iOS doesn’t. That’s why Apple apps are considered to be the safest. So. If you don’t hunt for the latest gadgets and iPhone 6S prices are affordable for you, you won’t regret this purchase. In general, both the operational systems offer an equivalent variety of apps for all your needs. Apple has its own cloud storage and mail service, but it doesn’t mean that Google services aren’t available on iPhones. You can easily use Gmail or Google Mags from your Apple devices.

Compatibility with computer

Android and iOS phones act in a different way when plugged into a computer. Like with a USB flash drive, you can view all the files in Android memory, manage them easily and exchange files between your phone and computer. When you plug an Apple device into a PC, it behaves rather like a digital camera, because you can see only photos and videos you have taken. Any other music or video files can be added only through iTunes.

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