7 Best Places To Visit Alone And Still Enjoy

Solitude is sometimes necessary to look up and refresh your mind and get a space for yourself. It is often thought to be a bore, who likes to travel alone. But if you are indeed having a passion of visiting places around the globe and can afford the same, nothing can be more interesting and exciting than that. You can comfortably enjoy every place o earth, but despite the fact there are indeed some places which are suitable for providing you the pleasure of travelling alone.

Image Credit: I Want To Travel Cheap

Image Credit: I Want To Travel Cheap

Hallstatt: Located in Austria, the nearby destination to this place is the capital city of Vienna. But other than that a pleasing village with a picture like appearance awaits in the vicinity of Salzkammergut Lake. It is separate from the regular hubbub and you can comfortably enjoy the picturesque view around and spend time with yourself. It has amazing tourist destination around and you can definitely spend your time trotting about the village and enjoying the scenic beauty. It also provides you all the basic amenities and you simply do not need to worry about the necessities of the day to day need.

Kenting: This is a tourist destination in Taiwan. You can consider it to be the ideal place which can be travelled alone. The place serves you with plenty of people on the streets along with subsequent amount of food. You get the beaches by the sea where you can comfortably sit back and relax. And if you want to be in some serene place, you can opt for a cab or scooter which will take you to the regions of serenity and beauty. The only major opposition is this place actually gives you a very tourist like feel.

Melbourne: Situated in the small continent country of Australia, this place is beautifully decorated with the beaches and it is teeming with the city life. English being the medium of conversation this place is easy for a solo visit as you can communicate with anybody very easily. As a large number of people visit this place alone it is considered to be the safest destination where a lone traveller can have the best possible visit. You can travel anywhere in this place much comfortably as the distance is small enough for a walk or a bike ride to your destination.

Thailand: A tourist destination promoting equality among all sexes can be ideally the best place to visit. Budget being affordable as the place claims to be a cheap destination of tourist interest. The people are known to be very hospitable and you do not get a chance to feel lonely. As a tourist spot it offers you city life of Bangkok, with beaches and besides you can enjoy the visit to the tropical jungles.

Costa Rica: Once claimed to be an unsafe tourist destination, this country has the most cordial and hospitable inhabitants where you will never get a chance to be bored. It is teeming with all the exciting adventures you can dream about enjoying alone. These adventures do not give you a chance to feel housing sick or solitary. This is one of the most peace loving countries which have never seen any political agitation till date.

Cusco: Located in Peru, it holds one of the richest historical interests as it was the capital of the historical Incca Empire.  It is at a stone throwing distance from Machu Pichchu.

Alaska: This place welcomes nearly twenty percent of the solitary travellers of the world. The glacier shaped fjords and snow capped mountains are a pleasure to watch.

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