Keep Your Workplace Safe And Secure With Regular Standby Generators Maintenance

Emergency standby power generators are saviours in today’s times when everything needs power to run. This is especially true for businesses where every minute counts and malfunctioning of power generator can result in enormous consequences like loss of time, work and money.

Therefore, in order to ensure that your power generators do not disappoint in times of emergency it is essential that you have the generators tested, exercised and maintained on a regular basis.

standby generators maintenance

standby generators maintenance

Standby generators implementations
Standby power generator design enables these power backup systems to provide uninterrupted power supply to critical safety system like elevators, medical systems, life support, fire protection, data centres, and in households they are used as backup power system for household appliances like fans, water heaters, refrigerators, computers, etc.

Standby power generator UK critical loads

Emergency standby power generators that are meant for life safety systems have their critical loads supported with fire pumps, alarm systems, lighting and elevators. These generators are often also utilized to support data centre power management. While, on the other hand, optional standby generators support loads such as call centre equipments, UPS, phones, desktop systems and data centres.

Standby generators maintenance essential for uninterrupted functioning

Customary standby generators maintenance is an absolute requirement to keep the generators in good working condition. Regular preventative inspection by trained personnel and performance testing are the solutions to banish out chances of power generator malfunction.

Different types of power generator systems

There are the three types of power generator systems:

• Prime power systems that provide continued onsite electric power generation
• Diesel powered standby generators that offer long term power backup
• UPS or Uninterruptible Power Systems that offer short term power backup

Long term power backup systems vs. Uninterruptible power backup systems
Standby power generators are one of the most used power backup systems by businesses as they provide long term solutions to an organizations needs. These systems remain in a standby state until they are signalled through a command to start providing power in case there is any disruption and disturbance.

Depending on the availability of the fuel, these systems can provide uninterrupted power backup for hours or even days. These are almost always fired by diesel and although they are capable of accepting large load blocks their only disadvantage is that they do not start fast enough to sustain the sufficient voltage required for IT systems and equipments.

Battery loaded UPS’s are only meant for short term power backup. These systems are designed to cater to minute power disruptions and deviations that may last for maybe less than a minute. As opposed to long term diesel fuelled power generators, UPS’s cannot accept heavy block loads and hence they are rendered useless for heavy equipments such as fire pumps, HVAC equipments, elevators, etc.

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