Instant ID verifications for Lawyers and Conveyancers

With all of our technological advances and the rise of the internet, we also have an increase in fraud and identity theft. This is such a huge problem that SA, WA, and now the NSW and Victorian Governments have made it mandatory that a client’s ID must be confirmed for all conveyancing work.

This means that the amount of work for lawyers and conveyancers has increased – but all is not lost. We can all agree that due diligence where IDs are concerned is just common sense, particularly when it involves buying and selling property.
So whilst checking IDs is now a requirement in NSW, WA, SA, and Victoria, it doesn’t have to be time intensive. The solution for lawyers and conveyancers is to use a third party service that gives instant verification of a client’s ID.

What to look for in an ID verification service

When you are in the market for verification of identity (VOI) service, there are a number of factors to keep in mind.

Security features: A client’s personal details are considered to be very sensitive data and it must be stored securely. So you need a service that provides password protection, enabling only certain individuals to access this information. You also want high level data encryption, making sure that the VOI company complies with ISO27001 Certification for storing data.

Compatibility: To make your working life easier, you will want to access the VOI service anytime, anywhere 24/7. So you want instant access, but you also want access on your smartphone. This means that you can check a client’s ID over a lunchtime meeting at a local restaurant using your iPhone, knowing that the data is secure and encrypted.

Software integration: A VOI service that easily integrates into your current practice management systems and adds search costs to client accounts automatically, saves you time and lost disbursements.

File saving benefits: Sometimes instant VOI is not possible, requiring more documentation, which can take time. In these cases, you want a service that will securely store these documents as they become available, so you can easily return to them when the process of verification is complete.

VOI reports: Once the VOI process is complete, you want to be able to print or electronically save a report of the ID verification for your own records. This means that you don’t have to keep logging into a third party service, once the VOI is complete, you can simply save the report to your own local system.

User-friendly: A push button, easy to use and intuitive process is something that is vital to making your life easier and less stressful. With a user-friendly operation, you can verify your client’s ID while you are with them, increasing the transparency of your business and giving your client confidence in your business acumen.

The simplest and most effective VOI system involves downloading an app from the Apple Store onto your smartphone. However, if you lose your smartphone, all data is encrypted, so your client’s information will still be completely safe. All you need do it to download the app again onto your new iPhone and you can access the saved and encrypted data once again.

These third party VOI services, give you the ability to verify your client’s identity conveniently and in your own time. For lawyers and conveyancers, they are definitely worthwhile including as part of your daily operations.

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