Get a Customized Skin for the Gamer That Has Everything

We all know that gamer who has it all. They know when the next best game is going to be released, and they’re first in line at the store to pick it up. If they see something that they want, they immediately snatch it up to and add it to their Xbox One collection, leaving you struggling to think of gift ideas. Your friend, family member, or partner hasn’t left you a lot of options, but you still have a chance at truly surprising them. Forget about the next big release of 2016; they’ve already got their name down for it. Instead, while they’re busy building up their game collection, get them a customized Xbox One skin.

Xbox One

Though the gamer in your life may have an impressive collection of games, as it stands, their console is pretty lacklustre. Whether they chose the black or white model, it bears no mark of individuality from all of the other Xbox Ones that have been sold since 2013. It stands on their coffee table or TV stand unremarkable and boring. If the gamer in your life has been playing for a while, then they’re probably used to the fact that their console is unexceptional, but that doesn’t mean their happy about it.

An Xbox One skin changes everything – especially the console! They come in a huge selection of textures and colors that can be combined to create a totally unique design that reflects your friend’s personality. You can choose from true colors, wood, metallic, carbon fiber, and leather skins, mixing and matching until you’ve found the right style. If you’re cooking up a truly distinctive skin for your friend, it can be difficult to visualize if bright pink carbon fiber goes well with copper. When you check out the game console and controller skins from dbrand, you don’t have to guess; their build-a-skin feature lets you see the fruits of your labors in real time, so you’re never left wondering if your combination looks good before you order it.

Looking good isn’t the only advantage to an Xbox One skin. While it shows off its flashy color combo to the world, it also creates an air-tight seal around the entire console. It protects the Xbox from surface damages that could scratch or scuff the console and the Kinect, and it keeps grime and dirt from disrupting the Xbox controller.

Protection and individualized style in such an affordable package makes an incredibly thoughtful gift. So surprise the gamer who thought they had everything with something they don’t have. Get them a customized skin in their favorite color.

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