Chandigarh, the best planned Indian city even after several decades

Alongside the neighboring urban areas of Mohali and Panchkula, it is known as the “Tricity” and both Indians and foreign tourists regularly say Chandigarh is somewhat not quite the same as the rest of the parent country. It is a popular tourist destination and has to be in every backpacker’s list.

On the off chance that you’ve ever been to Chandigarh, you know how warm and comfortable the city makes you feel. The general population is more than vivacious; they eat awesome food, and make the most out of their booze. The energetic Punjabi community and their ever unrivaled hospitality a guest is offered with, have no match on the planet.

chandigarh1Pretty young ladies, gabru jawan folks, bullet motorbikes and bicycles, Mercedes and Lamborghini, Gurudwaras and Churches, all simply add to the energy of the spot. The map of ‘City Beautiful’, as Chandigarh is often referred as, is separated in sectors; every one with a minimum one Market and one major park. Chandigarh is cleaner, more secure and greener. Planned by Le Corbusier, the city takes pride for being the first planned city in India following the country’s independence. An intriguing reality about the city is that in a city of sector, there is no Sector 13 since this is an unlucky number in Hindu religion.

The city is loaded with Hindu temples and Sikh Gurdwaras that are constantly open to whoever needs to visit! There are likewise a Christian church, a Muslim Mosque, a Buddhist monastery, and a Jewish Synagogue. This is a spot for everybody! Smoking out in the open is entirely prohibited and at times even punishable; so in the event that you don’t want to get a fine for 500 Rs and a considerable measure of terrible stare, spare the cigarettes for housetops and smoking rooms in bars and eateries.

Perfect, green and safe, there is no other city in India that is as well planned as Chandigarh. The boulevards are wide and very much joined with wonderfully arranged roundabouts. It is just in the previous couple of years that the traffic blocks have turned into a typical spot as more individuals are making it their home. Chandigarh has a majority of the best desi Punjabi dhabas. Veg or non-veg, each part in Chandigarh has a claim to fame dhaba. You can’t just pass the great opportunity, Tehal Singh’s Dhaba in Sec 22 as you explore the city.

Furthermore, from rags to newfound wealth, everybody in Chandigarh parties at the hottest night clubs, and for supper heads to the paranthe wali close PGI, Madhya Marg. Whether it is The Blue Blazers, The Peddlers, or Hops and Grains, nightlife in Chandigarh has developed from zero to being a standout amongst the most popular affairs in the city.

Finally, there is no place else in the nation where the locals are as genuine and welcoming as they are in Chandigarh. They will share each delicacy from sarson ka saag to margarine chicken. You will similarly praise city celebrations like Basant and Lohri, together like it were a family wedding.

If you are tempted enough, go ahead and start making arrangements. Meanwhile, one thing that’s certain about Chandigarh tour is accessing the city is quite easy. There are regular Bangalore Chandigarh flights and Kolkata Chandigarh trains. In fact, you can even catch a train from Delhi. However, buses are also popular.

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