Best Drones Which Are Available For Purchase

Among the so many drones in the market, it is quite a task to choose which one is the best, or even the second best for that matter. So here are the drones which call for the top three drones which are indeed a best buy for this year:


The Phantom has managed to stay on the list of best buys even this year. It is both durable and easy to use. With scope of using two positioning systems, the drone finds satellites in a greater number and at a greater speed. For all the buyers who are looking for something exclusive as well as useful, this is it for you.
From the three models that you have to choose from, the $700 one is a little inferior than the other two as it is a very basic version. The $1000 and $1250, advanced and professional versions respectively are better choices. The composition remains the same, however; the camera quality is where all the difference lies. After all, all the aspects matter.
The Phantom 3 now has integrated DJI’s Lightbridge video downlink system. It used to sell for $1400 separately as an accessory; it is quite a good buy to get it in a drone that too at $1000 only. The footage is by far one of the most clearest and of course reliable. Videos can be caches onto your phones in order to get footage even ion adverse cases.
However, Phantom has seen a huge betterment since last year. Unlike before, it is now an almost perfect device for all kinds. The competition in all aspects remains. Upgrades did happen, but often complications remain. You can also find good drones under $100


The best drone in terms of implementation, the Solo from 3D robotics is an ideal one. It has integrated two buttons on the remote itself which let you set up an orbiting shot at 360 degrees or as well back and front cable came; saving you the struggle of having controlled things via an application on your mobile phones. It is easy to repeat the maneuvers and make them happen a multiple number of times.
You can easily loop these maneuvers, letting you repeat the same shot multiple times till you get the perfect take. You can also allow the drone to do the flying while you control the camera.
The problem that arise with the Solo that makes it not the winner but a runner up on the best purchase list is the fact that an additional camera needs to be purchased. To the original price of $999, the overhead expenses of the GoPro and gimbal, increase the price of the Solo to $1800 which in turn is an issue. Later on, the gimbal and GoPro also cause a number of problems which need to be looked into. However, at the end, what you will get is an amazing quality video and photo.

Yuneeq Q500 +4k

The Typhoon is indeed an amazing drone and has a bunch of features which make it durable and powerful for rough use. There is a separate screen on the remote which makes the flight an easy and a tension free where there is no worry about the battery. The video quality is great and it has images with perfect color gradients. The software running on this device currently however, does cause a bit wobbled videos.

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