The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Marketing

Facebook has such a broad audience that it offers some of the best advertising opportunities for small businesses. You have literally billions of consumers that engage with Facebook regularly, and the platform offers some of the best marketing tools for a Facebook advertising  agency and independent small business, alike.

While the opportunities are there, advertisers need to take the time to learn some of the best practices for Facebook ads. Here are a few tips that can help brands break into the field of Facebook advertising.

Your Website’s Custom Audience

One of the key advantages to Facebook advertising is the custom audience tools that come with the platform. You can target your audience based on a wide range of factors, and this helps to ensure that you will reach the people that will be most likely to engage with your brand.

Along with targeting for things like location, demographics and behavior, you can also build a custom audience that targets people that have visited your website. This can be used to retarget people that have already been to your website and therefore shown interest in your brand.

You can also build custom audiences that target people that have taken specific actions on your site, like people that visited a specific landing page, but did not follow through on the purchase.

Testing Your Facebook Ads

If you want to optimize your ad campaigns, you need to run tests to find the features that deliver the best results. With Facebook advertising, you have built-in tools that make it easy to perform split testing.

When you run a campaign, have different ads sets. With each set, change one feature between the different ads. It’s important to change just one part of the Facebook ad so you can easily make the right adjustments based on performance without getting confused by which feature caused the improvement. After the campaign, you can see which ads had the most success, and this can inform your advertising decisions in the future.

Audience Insights

A good advertiser will know their audience. With Facebook’s Audience Insights, you have the necessary tools for researching your customers. You can learn about their demographics, preferences, customer behaviors, and more. For example, you can target only those that have an iOS. For a company with an iOS app, for example, this becomes a valuable field so they don’t advertise to Android users that will be unable to engage with their business.

With a better understanding of your audience, you can make more effective Facebook ads. The audience insights can also help you narrow your audience down to its most relevant segment. Instead of marketing to a rather large audience with a percentage of people that might be interested, you can refine your targeting to get an audience that has the highest probability for engagement.

Get Specific with Your Links

Reaching the right customers is a good start, but you want to send these people to the right destination. Many Facebook ads fail because they send people to the wrong online asset. When you make Facebook ads, you want the link to direct customers to a location that is relevant to the advertisement.

Instead of sending people to your website’s homepage or your Facebook page, send them to something that is connected to the ad campaign. If the ad is for a product, direct users to the respective landing page. If you are trying to get more people on your email list, link the ad to the sign-up form. The more specific the destination, the better.

Executing a successful Facebook ad campaign depends on a variety of different factors. For most businesses, it will take some time to refine an advertising strategy. If you want to increase your chances of success as you’re getting started, follow the tips above.

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