7 Must-Have GoPro Accessories For Remarkable Travel Photos

Travelling is the best gift you can make to yourself. Then gift yourself with a GoPro. Travelling with a GoPro is simply amazing. Capturing the best memories of your adventures will help you to share unique travel adventures from all over the world.

Having the latest GoPro is not enough to take remarkable photos. So in this article, I want to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the best GoPro accessories you must have in your travel arsenal to get the most of your travelling with that little small camera.


1 – Gimbals – GoPro Stabilizers

GoPro Gimbal

To make the best of your GoPro camera definitely the first accessory you should consider purchasing is a Gimbal/Stabilizer. In your travels, you will be frequently in need of recording action activities. To keep the footage silky smooth you definitely you will need a handheld camera stabiliser. A GoPro Handheld Gimbal has a myriad of benefits over normal handheld stickers. It helps you stabilizing quality, gives flexibility and it’s easy to use.

Since I purchased my little baby, the GoPro Hero-5 I found very helpful the use of a gimbal. Finding a good GoPro Hero-5 stabilizer wasn’t easy. I wanted something light, reliable and easy to use. But once I found the right one I started to capture awesome moments.

2 – Sticky Mounts

Sticky Mounts GoPro

Sticky Mount works great to attach to certain places such as helmets, cars and more. You should always keep an assortment of adhesive mounts in your kit. They are needed to record various sports activity such as biking, surfing and more.

Technically it’s pretty easy to attach one, it’s recommended to let the adhesive set for 8 hours. It will also stay put even after an hour if the activity isn’t too rough. Sticky Mounts can be easily removed with a hair dryer and ID/Credit card.

3 – Red Underwater Filter

Red filter GoPro

If you plan to do snorkelling or SCUBA Diving it’s highly recommended to get an underwater filter. The best red underwater filter you can pick from Polar Pro.

Why a Red filter?

If you go underwater and try to take pictures or make videos you will notice that the red color is absorbed. So basically, what these filters do they bring back some of the red, orange and yellow hues. Without a red filter, the footage will look bluer but the filter will make it more natural looking.

4 – Selfie Stick / Camera ExtenderSelfie Stick GoPro

A handheld camera extended (aka selfie stick) is also a worth having accessory on your travel bag. With the selfie stick, you will be able to capture photos of yourself from different angles hard to reach. There are various selfie stick brands and types out there. Make sure to choose one depending on your needs.

A good one is GoPole Evo. It is lightweight, portable and it floats in the water. It’s a 14-inch camera extender and it can go up to 24 inches. If you want a longer one you can check GoPole Reach which extends up to 40 inches but it’s not water friendly.

5 – Safety Leash

Safety Leash GoPro

Among all the other accessories, what you should seriously consider having is a safety leash. Normally a GoPro camera costs a few hundred bucks so I’m pretty sure you don’t want to lose it. That’s why I always prefer to have a safety leash in every case. Normally in many situations, a wrist leash with the ability to cinch should work great.

However in many situations when more length is needed there are plenty of thin accessory cords. It’s always recommended to use a leash and secure your camera at some point because accidents can happen and you don’t want to loose $400 camera because you haven’t purchased a $15 safety leash.

6 – GoPro Chest Mounts 

GoPro Chest Mounts

The GoPro Chest Harness works great for all kind of sports and adventures but it’s kinda big and personally, I don’t use it too often. I think it’s too big to carry on but there are many travellers who use this one to capture remarkable moments from their travelings.

There is another thing smaller and for me, it’s more useful. It’s called thePOV Action Mount and it attaches to a backpack strap.

7 – Anti-Fog Inserts

Anti-fog inserts is another GoPro accessory you should take into account if you’re planning to use the camera on water places. The special GoPro ones work great but always is possible to fashion some DIY versions with the silver of toilet paper or grains of rice.

Dorian Koci

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