Spectre 13 by HP is the world’s thinnest laptop

Ever since Apple came out with the MacBook 8 years ago, the new standards for Ultrabooks were set the very day. Not too long after that, Apple came out with the MacBook Air which was the thinnest and lightest laptop at that time without compromising on the quality. Since then, a lot of manufacturers have taken up the idea of the MacBook and bought out laptops with similar features. Apple however has failed to change the design while continuing to sell large quantities of their products over this period.

Spectre 13 by HP is the world’s thinnest laptop

Other manufacturers are however not adopting this approach and constantly coming up with new products. HP recently came up with the Spectre 13 which is now the world’s thinnest laptop t 10.4 mm compared to Apple MacBook Air which is marginally thicker at 13.2 mm.

The sheer thickness of the Spectre 13 might be its selling point but that doesn’t mean it lacks behind in other areas. Talking about the specs, it is equipped with Intel Core i7 processor coupled with 8 GB of RAM. The i7 processor seemed a bit out of place as most laptops this thin feature the Intel Core M which is more energy efficient but looks like HP decided to go with power with the Core i7.

Other features include a 13.3 inch display with a full HD resolution that HP claims they have fitted into a conventional 11 inch body, thanks to very narrow bezels and an edge to edge display. Other features include a carbon fiber and aluminum body that help keep the device light and sturdy. Three USB Type C ports have also made their way to the device, two of which double as Thunderbolt connectors. Interestingly, a heat pipe has also been built into the laptop to provide for insulation from the powerful processor. One sector where the Spectre gets left behind by MacBook Air is the battery life with Spectre at 9.5 hours and Air at 12 hours.

With the hefty price tag that the Spectre comes with, the Indian price will be no less either. So if you’re planning on buying the Spectre 13, you might as well have to sell MacBook or any other laptop that you currently own.

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