A Look At The Dell XPS Duo 12 Hybrid Ultrabook

If you have been following my posts on Tech Blazes, you will know that I am quite the Ultrabook nut. I think they will


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Felicia - September 11, 2012

Hi Jakk,This is certainly an interesting niche laptop computer. Its ability to transform into a tablet while still being a full-fledged computer means it is a lot more capable than tablet computers. If these things are priced reasonably, they will without doubt get sold out very quickly because users have dual options when they have these in their hands.

    Jakk - September 11, 2012

    Thanks Felicia, I’m happy it sparked interest from you. I like the look of the XPS 12, time will tell however just how well it does when it comes to market in sales. This is very much a niche product, I’ll bet a lot more people would opt for a detachable screen hybrid like the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro over this ultimately though.

    Thank you for your views, very much appreciated! 🙂

Anderson - December 10, 2012

Now I can replace my MacBook Pro + iPad with this one sexy XPS!
I can manage all my business needs with this one great tool! Apple missed the opportunity and will lose market share if they do not address it ASAP.


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