Why Do We Need a VPN?

For those people who are not yet familiar with the Virtual Private Network or VPN, this is all about keeping your Internet security and online privacy safe from cybercrimes such as identity theft and data loss. The use of vpns keep on getting popular and increasing especially these days that professional hackers and different online criminals are spreading their evil talents in the whole world. While most of you may think that it will be all about that technological security and technical related issues, this can be also used for your entertainment. You can use vpns to watch videos which are not available to your country because of licensing issues.


If you like traveling and doing business while out of the country but you still want to watch that Oscars Awards or the most awaited Super Bowl, you can still do it with a vpn. Lots of you may ask, how does vpn provides us that wonderful benefits? It is just a matter of keeping you connected to the Internet while masking your current location to which you may want to appear. It can also hide your IP address so that no one can track of everything that you are doing. VPNs can be one of the top must-haves for people who are always using the Internet. Whether you are a professional or a couch potato looking for something good in front of your TV screen, vpns have beneficial things that you can get and should get.

Here, we have listed few things why you need a vpn service right now and as long as you want to keep your online privacy safe.

Protect your online identity.

Have you experienced being hacked in Facebook or Twitter? Or are you a successful blogger and in just a blink of an eye, your hard work has been stolen? It is the worst thing ever that you can experience and you don’t like to happen it over and over. Don’t let those criminals take over everything about yourself. Make sure that when you go online all of the accounts and transactions that you are going to do is fully protected by a vpn service. What if next time it will be not about your social media accounts anymore? Well, think about this. These days that bank transactions can be done online, you should increase the amount of Internet security and online privacy that you can get.

Have those streaming services.

It is a fact that when you live in the other country, you can’t just watch some content creator’s videos. As I said before, they have different issues about licensing. Some countries are blocked from their accounts and they only choose which people from certain places can watch their contents. It is same as TV series and movies on Netflix. For example, while you’re in the US you can have all the access all the time for that certain TV shows but once that you flew away and take your vacations all that access can be gone. It is important that you have a vpn to stream contents with restrictions.

Get affordable flight deals.

Who doesn’t love to travel? I guess most people would like to take a day off from their jobs and have fun once in awhile. Travel can be expensive but by using a vpn service, you can get some affordable flights in just one click. If you are going to search in the Internet while you’re in the US but you want to go Thailand or other Asian countries, surely all the price that you can see will be the most expensive prices that an airline can offer. They can distinguish where you are and they know that you can always grab one even if it is their most expensive offer. Using vpns which can mask your current location can be awesome. Set your location to your destination and you can get better results.

Now that you know the benefits of using the best vpn service provider that you can have, all you need to do now is to try one for yourself. It is worth every penny because you are not going to take any risk when it comes about your online privacy. Everyone who uses the Internet is putting themselves into cybercrimes. Make sure that you don’t worry about them anymore. Learn on how you can surf the web anonymously.

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Nathan Simpson

Nathan Simpson is an analyst at FrootVPN who has a passion for writing about Internet security and online privacy. He is also into travel, photography and keeping himself busy with freelance writing every weekend. @OnlyNathSimpson

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ben - March 15, 2016

Great article Nathan! We really have to make people understand the importance of VPN nowadays. We should never get our online security compromised when we are surfing the web and VPNs are the best way to protect our online identity. Will look forward for more articles from you, cheers to this!

    Nathan Simpson - March 15, 2016

    Thanks Ben! Yes indeed, VPNs will help you to roam around the web securely. Please do look forward for more articles. Your support is highly appreciated!


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