Ways to secure your email accounts from hackers

Every time we need a verification on any social media or account on a website, we use email to verify it and to prove that we sign up there. In emails, we also receive some spams and other malwares when someone send us us unknown mail. Phishing and identity theft is everywhere. Now their main target is your email, and if they finally have an access it then they will get all your accounts which is connected on your email.

Ways to secure your email accounts from hackers

Ways to secure your email accounts from hackers

Here are some tips to protect and prevent your email from being hacked:

  1. Always make sure that there is  “HTTPS” appears before the “WWW” on the address bar. HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a protocol which data is sent between the browser and the website that you are connected too. The ‘S’ in “HTTPS” stands for ‘Secure’ and it used to protect all of the confidential online transactions like banking and online shopping.
  2. Never open an unknown and unfamiliar emails. Sometimes unknown emails will send you random links saying that you won on a particular contest and asking you to send your credentials like credit card number, bank accounts and many more. Once you click or send your personal datas your computer will be infected by phishing scam and get everything.
  3. Install an antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware on your computer or  mobile phone. Even if some email providers has an internet security, you will not know if the attachment you download is a virus or a malware. This kind of softwares scans every file you download.
  4. Don’t open your email account on an untrusted computer or mobile like in library or coffee shops even if on the one you don’t maintain like your friends or other family members. Even if you trust them, their computer might be infected too.
  5. Always make sure that your passwords and the security questions are really strong and not easy to guess. Changing passwords for like every three of six months can make your account secure and safe from any hackers.
  6. Check out how secure is your password. You can find out how secure is your password, like in some setup they indicate strength with a rating of “strong” to “weak”. But if it don’t have a password rating, go to How Secure Is My Password to see how fast can a hacker open your account.
  7. Your password should be not a popular password. Do not put passwords like your name, your birthday or even your pet’s name that can be easily guess by others. You can also check this list of the most popular password. Or you can follow these The 20 Password Commandments.
  8. Enable two-step verification. Google offers this kind of service where after you put your username and password, you will enter the code that Google send you. This procedure will not let the hackers open or access your account.
  9. Use a password manager. A password manager is a service that not letting you type your passwords at login; it is like login in in one click.
  10. You may think that your password is unique and long but it might not strong enough. You can put different character and symbols. The more unique and complicated password, the more uncrackable it is.
  11. Use a VPN software to encrypt all of the data you send and receive. A VPN can use to make a private connection that can hide your IP address and all of your files. Especially when you use a public Wi-Fi hackers can easily get all of your datas.

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