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Our brand new set of digital box runs faster than the old computers which eventually get wear out over a period of time. Old computers get accumulated with great deal of cluttered items that may not be optimized by just clearing junk and temporary files. The hard drive of the operating system becomes fragmented, program files drift apart, and windows registry becomes bloated eventually leading to gradual software corruption. Incessant uninstalling and installing of drivers, updating programs, creating or deleting files and continuous change to the existing files might make the computer system more complex and disorganized by losing its original structure design. The effect of software “entropy” slowly accumulates over time until it affects the functioning of the PC. Entropy is what causes system to become increasingly chaotic going from order to disorder. The effect of software entropy is barely noticeable at first like the rusting of a car. Software entropy slowly and surreptitiously builds up in the system of the user leading to symptomatic loss of the performance of computers. The most effective and comprehensive solution for preventing, repairing, and reversing the sources of software entropy is the best free computer cleaner.

Many a time, while downloading files and applications, malicious codes get attached to the downloaded files and impede the working of the computer system. This often happens because the system is not aptly protected from the indiscretions. Virus attack is the primary cause for the poor performance of PC. If a computer system gets too cluttered with malware, the accumulation and operation of these redundant and unsought programs can significantly drain the resources thereby decelerating the overall speed of the system. Thus, by downloading computer tune up software the performance of PC is extensively optimized.

As there is a wide range of optimizing software available online, computer user might get confused among them. So, software companies have given a provision to the users to download the trial version of the software and make up their mind by ensuring the benefits of the computer tune up software before purchasing any one of them.

Before heading further, let us run through the root cause for the sluggish performance of PC and benefits of using best free computer cleaner.

Program misalignment: Many interrelated files stored in the PC get rearranged and scattered in different places around the hard drive owing to automatic update or changes made in the existing files leading to extra fatigue in the processing system. Computer tune up software help in resolving the problem of misalignment by realigning the program for quick execution.

Available RAM decline: Nowadays, PCs usually have more RAM to handle most business applications. The available RAM can get trapped by heavy programs. Sometime the program forget to release memory after completing the task. Memory leak often gets accumulated resulting in misallocation of memory.  This misallocation and reduction in available memory may affect other programs in terms of storing and accessing their information on and from the hard drive, putting additional strain on the system. Significant drain of memory may lead to system crash.

Slow windows start time: While starting the windows, PCs try to execute three important tasks

  1. Run tests to ensure the hardware is operating properly
  2. Load the Windows operating system
  3. Load programs and services

The first two tasks can be executed at ease but the last one requires much time to complete. Too many programs and services block the Windows during start up. The reason is too many programs automatically configure themselves to load during the start-up process. The best free computer cleaner helps to uninstall these extra programs that clog the processing of operating system.

Redundant or unnecessary file: The redundant programs create a piggybank in the system. Some programs remain preinstalled in the system, however cluttering the system leads to system freezes or lock ups. Thus, computer tune up helps in eliminating unnecessary programs in most effective manner. By getting rid of these files, the hard drive space, memory, and other valuable system resources become active.

Fragmented hard drive: Fragmented file is most prevalent problem for the slowdown of computer system. This occurs when the files get split up thereby getting stored in different parts of the hard drive. Every time a user makes changes in the file, these scattered files get stored in the most unorganized way. Optimizing software is the most effective and popular tool to deal with the problems of fragmentation ensuring that the program files are stored in an organized manner on the hard drives.

Accumulated junk file: Accumulation of junk files significantly slowdown the efficiency of the system. Junk files, temporary files, installed or uninstalled programs are collected in the hard drive, which bloat the file system. As junk files are unnecessary burden on the system, clearing out temporary files and cache folders is an integral part of a regular PC maintenance. Thus, computer tune up is essential utility to perform these functions automatically.

Thus, it is recommended to the users to make use of the best free computer cleaner to enhance the performance of their PCs.

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