Knowing More about Disk Cleanup to Boost your PC Performance

Is your computer running slowly, constantly giving a blue screen of death, and often crashing? All these scenarios may happen to many computer users. To address such issues, you will need to learn how to clean the computer registry in order to boost your PC performance.

Firstly, understand what is Windows registry? Also, what it contains to know the importance of disk cleaning. The Windows registry is an enormous batch of files comprising information about everything that occurs on the computer, right from a website visit entry to the program installation/ un-installation. The registry also encompasses drivers and other important programs & files like DLLs- a small helping program to support the running of more than one application on the system. All this information is stored in the form of keys that help application program to run.

In this blog, you can see the major cause of computer errors and slowdowns. A registry may have a great number of entries, and new entries are created all the time when you download and install/ uninstall any program on your machine. When it fills with the files, the registry may cause a computer to suffer and performs very weary. Having so much information files can cause two major issues:

The first problem is that it can slow down your PC because Windows almost never removes registry entries, even if a program is uninstalled. Most of the uninstalled application aren’t able to completely remove their own registry keys and leaves the broken files in the registry. As the files are moved around the programs are uninstalled, few registry keys point to files that no longer exist in the system.

The second problem is the various kinds of errors the unwanted registry entries can cause. It requires you to fix the corrupted files. The infamous blue screen of death and other fatal errors can be connoted as corrupted registry. Fortunately, all these kinds of problems don’t have to be tolerated. The system registry can be cleaned up, though not thoroughly. For your problems, you will get better performance and reduced boot time.
The exact performance speed up varies depending on the state of the registry and the efficacy of the disk cleanup tool employed. You may also free up the disk space, which boost up the performance of your PC.

You can protect, clean up as well as speed up your computer functionality through some proactive tips.

Regular Software updates – Most of the time, your PC or computer prompts you to keep up with the regular updates. It calls for an instant response from the user side to follow the appropriate action. Some of the antivirus software and PC optimizer come with timely security updates. To keep your PC away from viruses and other malicious activities, follow the updates regularly.

Periodically perform registry cleaning – To remove the unwanted file, temporary files, broken files, etc. from the Windows registry, it is essential to have a PC registry cleaner that acts as a performance enhancer to your system. It boasts many features like improve computer stability, extended battery life of PC, enhance PC response time, free disk space, and speed up the system boot time.

Run Virus scanning – You can choose a reliable antivirus software online to safeguard your system from highly infected viruses. For smooth functioning of your system, it is important to run virus scanning on a regular interval of time.

Apart from that, you must not remove files from your system unless and until you are not sure about its functionality. It might cause damage to your system as the file may be critical to run any program on your PC. Pick a reliable and effective PC optimizer to tune up your system with high performance.

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