5 Sites To Learn How To Repair Your Own Computer

If you have it, it will break-this adage thoroughly applies to computers. We are often left with a broken computer for days as we try to reach technicians, who seem perpetually busy just when we need it. So, it is paramount for every computer user to know how to do a preliminary repair of their computer. It is not necessary to know everything about your computer to do that; the following few websites will help you learn how to repair your own computer.

Fixing My Computer

This website makes to the top of the list for one simple reason: it breaks down the problem into flowcharts. It makes diagnosing the problem much easier. There are individual flowcharts for Boot Errors, Hard Drives, Video Cards and Motherboards which will help your triangulate your problem and act accordingly. There is a step by step guide, data recovery, outlook password recovery, safety and backup guide that will help you make your computer absolutely free of loopholes that might cost you data later. Some other repairs that have detailed guide are Fix Boot Error, Failing CPU, HDD failure, Boot Sequence and so on.

Learn To Repair Your Computer Today. Save Money!


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Arya@Price In india - July 4, 2012

Thanks for sharing these useful site where we can learn how to fix our computers.It will be useful it shoot out the problem at home and we will learn as well.

    Amit Shaw - July 11, 2012

    Yes we can repair our own computer sitting at home, what more can we want. These sites will definitely help 🙂

Atish@blogging tips - July 5, 2012

Thanks for the tips. its good to know how to repair computers because its a machine and it can be broken down anytime, May be in the midnight when you are doing important work.

    Amit Shaw - July 11, 2012

    Thanks Atish for dropping your comment. If anyone can repair his own computer at night by himself,he don’t need to wait for morning. Works wont get delayed. 🙂

Ankit @ Geek Blog - July 6, 2012

I have visited LaptopMag, it has lots of good articles on repairing your computer yourself. And the best part about this site is that these are articles are so well explained that even a newbie can repair computers after reading them.
Thanks for sharing such a useful list.

Peter Lee@ PC how-to guide - July 6, 2012

Love these sites. I am a regular Laptop Mag visitor and there are one of my favorite mobile tech sites that I frequent. Nice list, Amit!

Alex - July 7, 2012

I used to bring my PC to a technician especially if it’s a software -related issue. I do not have any idea how to reformat my PC that’s why whenever the Windows is corrupted and the computer is not starting at all, i feel so hopeless that I can fix the issue by myself. I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate right now and even though I find it more easier than the previous versions, I still prefer the Windows XP.
Actually, I encountered a serious trouble with my PC last week. The windows was not starting properly and it takes me to a black window with an error message stating “Disk Read Error Press Ctrl+Alt+Del“. I tried doing the said command but it keeps on redirecting me on the same page. good thing a friend of mine knows how to reformat a PC. It is the last option that I have so even I failed to save any back up copies of my files, i really had no choice because reformating is the only way for me to isolate the issue. Sigh.

Ahsan - July 8, 2012

I didn’t know most of these information on PC repairing. As a PC user, these tips are very helpful for new as well as old users

Nitheesh - July 12, 2012

Nice article dude. I am using Fixed4Free website for getting solutions for my system problems. Out of which you said above, Fixed4Free is the best one according to me. Their forum is the best place to get the right solution for any troubles!

Jonaselda - July 25, 2012

With this, I learned how to fix our own computer. I am so grateful that I have read your post about this topic 🙂 Thank you so much and God bless!


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