How to Fix Your Company File or Network with the QuickBooks File

QuickBooks is software designed to help us manage our accounting and business needs quite efficiently and easily. Either you’re new to business management software or already an existing QuickBooks customer, QuickBooks Enterprise makes it easy to run your day to day business issues. The software features in it includes certain tools of marketing, merchant services, supplies and products, etc. Each solution is developed according to the different industries and their needs. QuickBooks technical support phone number is quite reliable and trust worthy. They fix the problem within few seconds.

QuickBooks customer support phone number is reachable 24*7 and 365 days. You need not to worry about that.

Following are the steps to fix your company file or network with the QuickBooks file:

You should log in to the Windows as a admin user so as to install and run the free QuickBooks file doctor tool

Then download the free tool

If it prompts, select save and then launch the saved file

Where could you locate the file:

If you have successfully downloaded the file doctor application, but not able to locate the file following process has to be followed:  

1). These steps should be used, based on your operating system

a). Windows 8 or 7: On the keyboard press the Windows logo button+ F keys

b). Windows Vista: Right click on the Windows logo button and choose search

c). Windows XP: Click on the windows start button and choose search then files or folders and then all files and folders

2). On the search field, type qbfd.exe and then click search and press the enter key

3). Once you find the field, you can begin the installation by double clicking the icon which is in the search results window

4). So as to install follow the built in instruction

5). Once the installation is done, double click the file doctor icon on your desktop

QuickBooksIt’s Overview:

Download the free
tool then choose Run then follow the built in instructions to install. Once the installation is done, double click the QuickBooks file doctor icon on your desktop. If you want more information, then read on and click the blue links which interests you.

Important: Only the windows admin user should install and run this tool. The network tests will not run for a Windows user who is not the admin.

About the tool:

1). It works only in US version QuickBooks. QuickBooks customer care number is a toll free number and you can reach it at any time of the day. QuickBooks helpline number provides us with good and skilled technicians who resolve our issue with no time. If you are using the UK or the Canadian version you can use the company file diagnostic tool ie. Canadian version and UK version

2). Works on .qbw or .qba files only

3). The file repair and network diagnosis is on by default

4). Use the advances setting button to run file on diagnostics

QuickBooks helpline number 1-865-407-2488 gives a complete customer satisfaction. They never hesitate to help us out with our technical problems. Our QuickBooks Customer Support team ready to fix all QuickBooks Errors instantly.

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