6 Ways on How to Secured With Your Social Media Accounts

Social media or social networking sites are the new way of communication and is used to gather updated information around the world. If you’re going to ask people on what is the latest news, they will definitely check on their Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts for what is the current trending news. It is good to have a social media sites account these days not just to be popular and follow the trends but nowadays, it can be used to gather information and even to earn more money.

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As we speak about money, more and more features of networking sites lets you link your credit card information for you to be able to do online transaction such as online shopping and other forms of payments. There are many beneficial things for you to enjoy with your chosen best VPN service provider and for those who are new about VPNs, you can keep on reading to find out. While using VPN connection can be our top list of six ways to secure your social media accounts, we created more tips for your reference.

Be careful in using public computers.

Some internet cafe are made to help people who doesn’t own a personal computer to access their emails and social media accounts while there are Internet cafe which uses key logger to get your personal information and hack your accounts.

Stop using the same passwords.

Sometimes you have to create a new password for your new social media site but you want something which can be easier to remember and then you’ll use the same password that you’ve been used for another social networking site. That’s a big no-no! While it can be easier to remember, people who can get an access to your Facebook might get an easier access to your Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites.

Just in case you find it difficult to maintain and remember certain social media passwords, you can try using Password Managers. There are many kinds and brands of password managers that you can try to keep all your passwords and social media accounts secure in all one place.

Use an extreme secured password.

Don’t just go into the basic birthdate and favourite numbers password. Hackers can easily get those passwords from your profile. Mix some letters, numbers and symbols. You can also go uppercase and lowercase on your long-enough to trace password.

While extreme secured password can make you worry-free, it is recommended to still change it regularly. Password changing like twice a month can make it hard for the hackers to access your social media accounts.

Don’t just click links.

No matter how tempting it is to click a link sent by your friend or a person you doesn’t know, don’t just click on it or you’ll experience that phishing attack. make sure that everything you click are verified true links for a certain website. Your precious information can be stolen within seconds if you’re not careful when clicking links.

Avoid using public WIFI Hotspots.

It may sound so tempting to open your social media accounts and emails when you hang out to coffee shops which offer free WIFI. Well, you can still connect to it if you’re using the best vpn provider that you can have because it will protect your information from hijacking data from WIFI connections.

Don’t post personal information.

While social media can be source of having a confidence, people used to post different information about their personal life. Do they know that it can result to more complicated situations? Don’t just post your personal information like your full name, address, birthdate and contact numbers. All of this can be used against you or to get something from you. Learn to protect your privacy.

You have so many ways on how you can secure your social media accounts and to keep you worry-free from experiencing cyber-crimes, it is the time to finally get yourself a secure vpn. While these six ways can help you secure your online privacy, using certain software which job is to truly protect your privacy is the best thing to have.

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