What to Do to Run Windows on the iPad

Even though the iPad has become the most convenient tablet computer, loved by both consumers and business people, it still misses some mainstream tools that we have grown used to, like Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Oftentimes, we sell iPad for a Windows tablet because we find the latter more efficient when it comes to office tools.

But then, there are actually a lot of options for those who want to use Windows apps on the iPad. Here are five solutions:

  • Parallels Mobile App

Parallels is one of the first developers to offer solutions on Windows-on-Mac problems, so it is not surprising to see them on the list. Their app, the Mobile App, is available for $19.99 from the App Store. It allows user to access Windows apps from any Mac that runs Windows through Parallels Desktop Client. This gives the iPad functions like Flash support and Outlook and Internet Explorer access. It also allows users to cut and paste between mobile devices and Windows apps.

  • OnLive Desktop

This company was originally a gaming service that became a streaming software company. They released the OnLive Desktop which gives you access to a Windows version on the iPad. At first they offered Windows 7, but then they switched to Windows Server 2008 R2 after a dispute with Microsoft. This app offers access to Microsoft Office apps and gives you 2 GB of cloud storage. For $4.99 a month you can also view videos with Flash support. There is also a Pro edition for $9.99 per month. The Pro edition provides 50 GB of storage.

  • Nivio nDesktop

The nDesktop from Nivio gives access to a cloud-based Windows desktop from the iPad. There are also three ways to access the service: Downloadable client, standard browser and through HTML5-based Web client.

However, the service is a bit limited. It cannot offer service in video playback, gaming and Webcam support, although Nivio promised that they are going to work on those features. This app is available for $2 a month.

  • Citrix Receiver Tools

This one has been in the market of virtual desktop for a long time. It gives access to Windows on the iPad with Citrix Receiver tools. This can help departments and offices to centralize management and to let administraters recognize Windows-on-iPad devices on a network in order to join them with the Windows personal computers. The Citrix Receiver is available as part of the XenDesktop VDI package or Citrix’s XenApp streaming software service. It can also be downloaded from the App Store.

  • Splashtop Win8 Metro Testbed

Splashtop released a remote desktop app, Win 8 Metro Testbed, that allows developers to code and compile Windows 8 Metro apps on a personal computer. You can also stream the apps to a simulated Windows 8 environment on the iPad. This allows the developers to test elements like layout and touch sensitivity without waiting until Microsoft has released their own Windows 8 tablet computer. This app supports Windows 8 gestures like swipe, pinch and pull down.


Yvette Divino

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Daniel - November 20, 2012

Nice post Divino
iPads are the best tablets to use if features and processing is concerned. When it comes need to use MS office over iPad the work becomes bit complicated, I really misses it a lot. But now if you have a lot of MS documents to work on tablets you can also go for Surface tablets.

    Yvette Divino - November 21, 2012

    Thanks for your compliment. Yes, MS Surface is also a good tablet.

Justin Thomson - March 23, 2013

Cool………… As I have found so many options to run windows feature on the iPad. Yvette, you have really written one of awesome, creative and useful featured source. Completely amazing features.

Nathan Johnson - June 27, 2013

I am a big fan of Ipad and I love to use Ipod due to it’s excellent features. I found some great information with your blog.I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future.Hey great post and very proud of what you have done.
Keep up the great work!


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