Top 8 Best-Rated Messenger Apps in 2017

Let’s admit it!

The communication process of the past was plagued by bottlenecks. It’s only after the advent of smartphones and the messenger apps that we have discovered the easy way of interacting with friends and family.

Here, we have aggregated the most-used messenger apps in 2017 that are playing a vital role in keeping us connected.

Hear about them from us, as we’re the MEGAFANS!


WhatsApp has pushed ranks to become one instant messaging powerhouse, and we need no proofs to draw out a why. The app sits over a lion’s share of the market for its capability of connecting people in real-time via direct messages. You can share images, video/audio messages, GIFs, stickers and lots more to keep the sense of liveliness alive. For those who’ve been living under a rock, WhatsApp falls under the aegis of Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

The popular vote goes to Facebook Messenger, for being a messenger app that makes it fast and easy to connect with anyone. The app has stamped itself on our lives as an indispensability for giving us a lot more than just the texting. You can make video calls, send GIFs/stickers/videos, make HD calls, record voice messages, and engage in group conversations.


iMessage is a fave of millions, for the ease and comfort it endows you with while connecting with your friends and family members. Using iMessage, you send messages in real-time, only to those with iPhone and iPad possessions though. The app is confined to iOS accessibility only. You need an emulator to make use of iMessage on PC.

Google Hangouts

Aren’t you anticipating this already? Indeed, no messenger list is complete without the mention of Google Hangouts, which lets world keep in touch. There is a whole sky of things this app can do – send text messages, do group chats with over 150 people in a conversation, make video/voice calls, and much more. Needless to say, with so much of convenience at our disposal, Google Hangouts has hard-wired itself into our lives.


Line is still an untapped resource in the West, but has successfully climbed the ladder of popularity in Asia as the app with maximum utilities to stay connected. As a user, you can put forward the best kind of communication with text messages, voice/video calls and a variety of stickers. Using Line, you can make video calls with over 200 people in a go, and privacy is such that all your data is well-encrypted. You can also make international calls at competitive rates.


Viber is another big name from the industry, allowing you to do text messages, make video calls, and share a ton, with anyone, anywhere in the world. The app quickly takes up your contacts and builds an ecosystem to start conversation with any contact in a single tap. Viber makes it easy to create groups and start chats – with up to 250 people in a loop! And, also, you can delete messages even after they are sent.


WeChat is China’s answer to WhatsApp with some extra gigs like ‘Friend Radar’ and ‘Realtime Location’. The app does everything to keep you close on heels with the world – instant messages, group chats and calls, free voice/video calls and a great looking sticker gallery. The ‘Friend Radar’ lets you find friends in your vicinity. Others options, such as ‘People Nearby’ and ‘Shake’, help you meet others.


If you use Snapchat, you already know how it feels like being consumed by social addiction. Snapchat helps you share your moments with image/video snaps that disappear after 24 hours. So, capture and save whatever happens with you throughout the day, and decorate it with stickers and emojis, along with texts. It’s total fun!

So, these are some top-rated messenger apps, having almost the entire planel hopping and shooting the breeze. Try them, if you haven’t already!

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