Top 10 Traveling Apps No Traveler Should Go Without

Traveling is an important part of our life. Some travel for business while others love to travel just to explore the world. Whatever is the reason behind the trip, everyone wishes to have a relaxed time. And this can be possible only when you have everything from hotel booking and location knowledge to itinerary and solution for high global roaming plans under your control.


In this tech savvy world where we have all access to advanced smart phones, internet connection, and so many apps, life has got much easier. All you need to enjoy a relaxed and memorable foreign trip is to have some apps on your mobile phone. Whether you want to translate the language or just want a solution to avoid high global roaming and local SIM buying process, there is an app for everything. There are apps which are equally effective and helpful for Android and iPhone users. So here are top 10 traveling apps every travel junkie should have in his/her Smartphone.

  1. Expedia: This is an amazing app for the people who are into the habit of last minute hotel booking. Beside giving you access to a long list of hotels, the app also helps you get amazing discounts and deals to save money.
  2. Kayak: There are many travelers who wait for the best deals on flights and occasionally pre-pay for the flights and hotel reservation to save money. Kayak is the right app for these travelers, as the app not just shows you the deals but also offers booking services.
  3. Trip Advisor: Today travelers love to move out with complete beforehand information to avoid any chaos. Trip Advisor is really an amazing app for the travelers as it helps you get the list of the best hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and bars with the ratings given by the visitors. So next time when you travel, don’t waste time on visiting every important and unimportant location. Just check the crowd-sourced list and visit the most important places.
  4. Seat Guru: This is a perfect app for the travelers who love to enjoy their journey by sitting on their favorite seat. Seat Guru updates you with the availability of the desired seat and if it is not available at the moment, it notifies you when it is vacant.
  5. Google Translate: One of the biggest struggles in a new country is to understand the local language. This creates a huge communication gap. Thanks to Google translate app and its conversation mode. You just have to hold the device between two people speaking a different language to get a live translation of the conversation.
  6. Trip Mayor: Do you love to record your trip and keep a journal of the same? If yes, Trip Mayor is a perfect travel buddy for you. The app helps you make a photo journal of your trip.
  7. Food spotting: Trying various local cuisines is one of the important parts of an international trip. Food spotting helps you locate the best restaurant or food joint near your location. The app provides you with the available options, reviews, and the best thing images of the food to get you in the mood.
  8. XE Currency: Paying extra for money exchange and getting scammed is a common problem when traveling abroad. The XE Currency app saves you from this scam by keeping you updated with the money exchange rate. It uses live data to ensure that you get correct information.
  9. Ajura: When in a new country, the only thing people want to be saved from is insane roaming charges. Today staying aloof from the loved ones is almost impossible for anyone. Ajura is a roaming app that allows you to talk to your relatives, friends and loved ones in the home country without paying huge roaming fees. You can make the call from your local SIM or from the app to save on roaming charges. It also saves you from the hassle of buying an international SIM card.
  10. Trevi: If you find it difficult to remember where you took the photo, Trevi is a must have app for you. Though this is available only for iOS, it is a great app to help you accurately organize your trip photos with a geo-location tagging.

So next time when you plan an international trip, make sure your Smartphone has all these apps. If you have some other options, do share through comments to help other travelers like you.

James Mathews

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