Top 10 Productivity Apps For Your Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone

Keeping productive is one of the most important ways to ensure that your busy life lets you stay on top of things on a daily basis. Here’s a list of the 10 best productivity apps you can use to plan your life from the screen of your device, whether it be a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Evernote (Free)

The one, the only, the unbeatable Evernote app for tablets, laptops and smart phones is the ultimate in note taking and work planning tools. Evernote lets you take digital notes on your device, then store or synch them amongst different machines through your account. In addition to this, it has some truly excellent screen cut and capture features that will let you make sure you never forget anything you’ve ever found online or had come to mind regardless of what computer you’re using.

Evernote For Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone

Watch Live TV on your Tablet, Smart Phone or iPad!

Box Online Storage App (First 5 GB free, works on a variety of devices)

This handy little app is becoming ever more popular thanks to wide public support and a great product platform. With Box you can store your digital data such as photos, images, videos or documents easily and quickly to the Box server cloud. Later, feel free to share those same uploads amongst any number of Box synched machines. Powerful Box features include category based storage options that make finding, planning and retrieving your own stored data very easily.

Box Cloud Storage App

1Password (Paid: $15 iOS, Android)

This is a productivity app for those of us who have multiple accounts scattered across many different online services; everyone who uses a computer for work in other words. 1password is a little productivity app that stores all of your different log in passwords in a single online master file and ties them into their relevant websites. With one click you can let 1password take care of all the remembering for you any time you visit one of these sites. Just make sure you don’t give out your 1password password to anyone and badly compromise your personal security.

1Password for iOS and Android

TripIt (Free, works for Android, Blackberry and iPhone or iPad)

The perfect companion for those of you who travel frequently and all over the place, TripIt will store all of your different travel bookings, car rental reservations and even e-tickets in one central location and manage them from there for you. The app even comes with built-in flight delay notifications while also offering access to bonuses like an alternative flight route calculator, maps and directions.

TripIt for Android, Blackberry and iPhone or iPad

QuickOffice (Paid: $15 Android, Blackberry, iOS)

This little micro version of Microsoft Office let’s you view, edit and create Office documents like excel spreads, word files and others on your smart phone. Best of all, it connects with Google Docs, Box and Dropbox to create one integrated file editing and sharing unit.

Quick Office for Android, BlackBerry and iOS

Feeddler RSS Reader Pro (Paid: $5, iPad, iPhone)

The Feeddler RSS feed App is a fleshed out RSS reading package that lets you keep up to date on all your feeds from favorite news pages, blogs and websites without checking them out one by one. It also allows synching of your feed account between devices so that there isn’t any duplication of pages to visit; a great little RSS app.

Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone

Dragon Dictation (iOS)

The people who brought Dragon Naturally Speaking to the marketplace have now created a neat and very useful line of voice recognition apps for mobile devices. One of these is Dragon Dictation, and it truly is a must-have productivity app. With Dictation, you can edit or write emails, essays, Facebook Status updates and just about any other written thing without ever touching the keyboard on your iPhone. The voice recognition algorithm is extraordinarily accurate and not prone to errors. Unfortunately Dragon Dictation is only available for iOS at the moment.

Dragon Dictation for iOS

Genius Scan (iPhone, Android)

This brilliant app from Grizzly Labs, gives you the ability to take all your physical documents and save them in digital form. Just open the app, take a close-up photo of a document or piece of paper with even tiny text on it and let the app save it to your phone for later sharing through email, Dropbox or Facebook. The app even groups similar documents together to let you later convert them into PDFs. This is a fantastic tool for quickly organizing all your scraps of paper, notes and little written tidbits into the digital medium.

Genius Scan for iPhone and Android

Facebook Mobile (Free, iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc)

If we’re talking about productivity apps, the Facebook App has to get mentioned. Sharing information and keeping in touch with friends, contacts, business partners and clients gets much easier through Facebook, and having Facebook with you at all times will save you plenty of productive time in cutting down on communication failures.

Facebook Mobile for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Others

Google Drive App (Free up to 5 GB, Android, iOS, Blackberry)

The future of Google Docs lies in the company’s newly fleshed out Google Drive platform. With Google drive you can upload documents to the cloud, share them through Gmail and distribute them through any one of your devices. The biggest issue with Drive is that it doesn’t yet let you edit and create documents, which is a big letdown, but this should change soon.

Google Drive

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Rajkumar Jonnala - August 5, 2012

well i love all this app for my micromax tab. but i love Facebook Mobile for nokia in the list yo have mentioned .

Ahsan - August 6, 2012

I am already using Box online storage app but here most of features are paid. Recently I started Google Drive app too

    Naser Mohd Baig - August 6, 2012

    When I first read the word ‘Box’, I thought it was Dropbox. 😀

Dexter - August 24, 2012

Google Drive App is the best. thanks for the list. really liked it!

Sam - September 12, 2012

At present m using FB mobile and Drive……but would try the others soon………..!!

Sam - November 10, 2012

Started using Evernote just a couple of days backs…………and now m loving it…….!!

Appsicum - March 7, 2013

Nice list thanks for sharing…Hey friends you can also download the Future Scheduler and Location Alerts Productivity apps( Paid). Special Price for Location Alerts: 0.99 $ till 31st march


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