Reasons Why Android And iOS Apps Crash

Despite various quality control measures in place such as testing the app numerous times or taking the app through countless bug fixes, the apps developed for various platforms like Android and iOS are prone to crashing. In fact, these app crashes are so common that even if the famous Gaulish druid Getafix, who could fix just about anything, was around to support the developers, he wouldn

Samara Hayden

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PrIyAnGsHu - August 28, 2012

Yes, some of the apps often gets crashed on my Android smart phone. That happens either because they are server based apps or consumes a lot of memory. Anyways, thanks for this great explanation buddy.

Ankit - August 28, 2012

i am an ios users and have never ever faced a app crash. i have but the apps from cydia. i dont know about Android but apple pays the topp dollar to maintain its quality.

akshay naik - August 29, 2012

But it may also be due to excessive use of Internet and Mobile which may crash the android…….

Puneet - August 29, 2012

Yes Apps crashes at times. I haven’t used iOS but have used android and faced such kind of issues.

Thanks for letting us know the reasons of these issues.

Felicia - August 31, 2012

Thanks for sharing this informative post about why apps crash. I always thought it was only due to bugs that they crash or it’s just my Internet not responding. Thanks again!


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