Queues Should be for the Ladies’ Room and not for Customers via Live Chat HTML

At least 90% of women have experienced the dreaded wait for the bathroom. For many years women have made their way to the ladies’ room to be met by a horrendous queue backtracking down the hallway.

Whilst doing a jig of desperation hopping from one foot to the other, you are subjected to loud music coming from a crackly old speaker. Many women wonder why they bother to queue and whether they should take the risk of nipping into the gents for instant satisfaction.

So why then put your customers through a similar experience on the phone?

All too often customers call only to be greeted by awful on hold music and automated messages. Doing a frustrated jig of tapping and huffing whilst they continue to wait, they wonder why they are bothering to queue when they could go to another company for instant satisfaction.

  • 69% of customers said they were on hold for too long when seeking help from a company
  • 89% of consumers who experience poor service with your brand will leave for your competition.
  • More than 50% of abandonments occur within the first 15 seconds when customers are on hold

Provide timely assistance and improve customer satisfaction via live chat HTML

With the introduction of live chat HTML software, contact centres can rapidly improve customer satisfaction and reduce call abandonment rates. Instead of being put in a queue or being bounced around departments, customers can select the department they need to speak with before entering a live chat. This instant communication allows customers to have their questions answered quickly and efficiently, whilst they remain in control.

Not only is the customer left satisfied and with an answer, the contact centre can streamline their resources more productively, as representatives can handle multiple conversations rather than just one phone call at a time. Money that would have been spent of extra representatives can now be invested back into the centre and used elsewhere, for instance training the current workforce.

With benefits to both the contact centre and customers there is no reason why customers should be left doing a jig of desperation. Leave the queues for the ladies’ room and implement an instant communication solution.

To read more on how contact centres have improved their service structure with live chat HTML software. Download Click4Assistance’s case study here.


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