Most Popular Apps for Mobile Devices

Do you have a smartphone or a tablet or both?

No matter what you are using, you are probably aware that many people are like you. Many prefer the latest and most advanced gadgets.

But have you ever wondered how big this population is?

If you wish to know, check out the following data.

Mobile Statistics

  • Accordingly, approximately three-quarters of all the people worldwide have access to at least one mobile phone.
  • There are around 6 billion post and pre-paid mobile subscriptions globally.
  • Some marketing experts have projected that smartphone sales around the globe will reach an estimated 630 million by the end of 2012.
  • One in five persons access the Web through their phone, increasing the expectation for better Internet optimisation on mobile devices.
  • Ecommerce and social media are the major drivers of most mobile trends these days.
  • The three main functions of mobile gadgets are Web surfing, Apps downloading and Social media.
  • Around 76% of users say this technology is very helpful, while only 11% of individuals say that they are not sure whether constant mobile connection is useful or not.

These are quite staggering numbers, but these are not all. As of late, many online researchers have looked into the various aspects of mobile use. This means that bringing up this topic can take up several pages. What is more, our main subject is popular apps.

With that said, let us check out this list.

Mobile Apps Most Users Prefer

A global solutions poll has discovered that while plenty of people still have instant messaging and navigation on their devices, they choose newer and more sophisticated applications.

Which ones are these? They usually consist of the following:

1. Facebook

Facebook Mobile for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Others

Apart from being the top social networking service, it is one of the most popular app choices among many users. This comes as no surprise given its plethora of features. You can play games, check out photo albums, and watch your friends

Emma Tomlinson

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Johanna - September 24, 2012

Hi Emma,
Apps are what makes smartphone and tablets notably fun and useful. It’s hard to think of anyone not having the facebook app on their gadgets. I also have the Angry Birds Seasons on my tablet as it was featured on the app store for a week with all features unlocked. I’ve never heard about ‘Shoot the Zombirds’ before, but I may try it out as my nephew is addicted to this kind of game.

    Emma Tomlinson - September 25, 2012

    Hi Johanna!

    I know, everyone loves Facebook. And you should give ‘Shoot the Zombirds’ a try. 🙂

    Thanks for reading my article!

Felicia - September 24, 2012

Great post Emma! I love getting free apps for my tablet. I’ll certainly get Pandora, Flipboard, Mint and Shoot the Zombirds. Thanks for sharing!


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