Monetize Your Apps With Ads–Learn The Right Approach.

Mobile advertising is very often a “love it or hate it” aspect of mobile applications. There is no doubt that applications can be monetized in different ways and one of the most useful ones is with the help of advertising.

It is indeed ironic that developers of mobile applications do not always turn to mobile advertisements. Users of mobile applications are not always happy to see advertisements popping up in the middle of their games. However, if you were to concentrate on the right way of monetizing mobile applications with advertisements, then it can indeed pay great dividends.

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Getting convinced about the opportunity

According to research conducted by Gartner, the mobile advertising industry in Asia Pacific alone will touch $6.9 billion in the year 2015. The research also goes on to predict that mobile advertising budgets will increase from 0.5% of total budget for advertising to touch 4% of total advertising budget in the year 2015.

Globally, mobile ad spending is likely to touch US$ 36.87 billion. Interestingly, mobile advertising took 18% of the slice of paid search budgets in the year 2012. The highest percentage of mobile ad spending was for entertainment and media at 40%. Other important areas of expenditure were in technology and telecom at 22% and retail at 19%. (Source – infographic at

Now, that you know that there is plenty of opportunity for growth, you can dwell on some of the right kind of approaches for monetizing your applications with advertisements.

Never interfere with user experience

Just as location is important in the physical world of advertising, ad placement is critical in the world of mobile applications. Therefore, developers should ensure that their advertisements never come in the way of user experience.

Just as a magazine gets maximum viewer attention for advertisements placed in the first and the last pages, you can ensure that your applications also have what is known as “launch and exit” advertisements.

It is better to place an advertisement when there is a break in the application experience rather than putting it in the middle and disturbing the user’s concentration.

Using the right kind of advertising networks

The recent past has seen the growth of many advertising networks, which offers a large number of ways in which developers can go in for monetizing their applications. Some of the networks that are worth checking out are:

  • AdMob – ( This service offers you the ability to connect with over a million global Google advertisers. It also has tools such as AdMob Mediation and Conversion Optimizer, which can show ads from multiple networks and drive app installations too.
  • Chartboost – ( The cross-promotion tools offered by Chartboost have helped customers enjoy better monetization. Transparency of operations is one of their keystones.
  • Tapjoy ( This company’s Mobile Value Exchange model makes it possible for users to select personalized ads and developers can use the in-app advertising platform for getting hold of high value new users.
  • Flurry ( and its AppSpot has access to the world’s largest data base on application usage. The company delivers results within a few minutes of integration.

There are plenty more of course and it is worth it to look through the leading networks.


Vishal is the founder and CEO of Appsquare, Sydney – an app development company that develops innovative apps, provides part funding for selected app ideas and also helps app developers get funding through its network of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

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