Best Android Monitoring App for Mobile

TheOneSpy is one of the best cell phone monitoring apps with the state of art features which are more than 250. All of its features are very contemporary and effective in spying the smartphones devices. A user having its license can easily monitor any kind of modern day smartphone device. So, we can name it as software which can monitor multiple OS cell phone devices.

  • User can get access all of the data of smartphones (Target Devices)
  • The user can view multimedia files, email tracking and surveillance on Keystrokes applied on the target device through keylogger of the smart phone spy app.
  • It offers three kinds of monitoring packages such as Lite, Xlite, and Xtream package.

Xtream –Bug their phone enables a user to record and listen surrounding sounds through MIC bug, It also enables the user to make short videos of the surroundings by using the spyvidcaam and empowers users to capture images and photos by using the camera bug of the cell phone tracking app in order to track the exact location.

  • It furthers enable a user to check the appointments of the target user, reminders and along with the browsing history of the target device.

Track GPS Location:

The best thing about the spy app, it allows the user to track the GPS location, current GPS location, location history and to mark safe and unsafe areas.

Remotely phone controller:

The user can remotely block the internet connectivity of the target phone, block texting, block incoming calls, view installed apps and pause or start the cell phone tracking option remotely.


It is also one of the most state of the art and very affective features for tracking cellphone devices. User can view all the keystrokes applied on the target device such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes.

Spy app for whom?

The application is the best tool to spy on kids and teens being parents; it further allows employers to monitor employees within the working hours and even empower suspicious spouses to keep an eye on their partners.


  • The mobile phone spy app is compatible with all latest Android, IOS & Black Berry.

Reason able Price:

  • The cell phone tracking app has the very reasonable price, it’s not for only rich peoples.

Positive Features

  • User-friendly spy app
  • It provides users a complete demo that how they will be able to use this software.
  • It provides traditional and modern spying features.

Negative Features:

  • It is not compatible with any kind of Android devices.
  • There is none of any other option available for users to remotely control the phone.
  • Android devices need to be rooted for some Features and IOS need to be jail broken.


There is no other cell phone monitoring app which is helpful for parents, employers and for spouses. Its groundbreaking features empower parents to do effective parenting, employers to increase productivity and to spouses to check their partner’s loyalty.

James Mathews

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