Applications For Stargazing And Astronomy

Stargazing does not require a powerful telescope anymore, to map constellations to track satellites and pin point stars with names and get information on planets, comets, moons and asteroids. Anyone with a Smartphone or tablet can become a keen Astronomy nerd with the help of applications from both Apple and Android.

Both these operating systems are coming out with apps that can search the night sky for planets and their grids, to mark the exact position of a star and to calculate the distance between the earth and the star. Here is a list of the top Android and Apple applications for Astronomy.

Star Gazing

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Apple Apps:



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Peter - September 4, 2012

I must say, astronomy was one of my biggest interest back when the time I studied in university. Sadly, we didn’t have all these apps to assist us back then. Technology wasn’t so advance that time. Nice list of apps here worth checking out!

Teyona - September 5, 2012

I’m glad you find the article interesting. Astronomy is such an amazing thing to discover. Thanks for dropping by, Peter.

Felicia - September 6, 2012

Hi April,

Great and useful list of apps for astronomy and/or stargazing! I have four friends who are into photography and they love taking pictures of the night sky and especially the moon. I believe they have Android gadgets, so I’ll just tell them about the apps you mentioned here and who knows, they might find it useful for their stargazing hobbies.

Thank you for sharing!

    Teyona - September 7, 2012

    Hi Felicia,

    Good to know you like the article. Yeah sure, you can go ahead and share the apps to friends. Have a great day!

Ashwani Ahlawat - September 6, 2012

StarWalk and Star Chart seems really good. Thanks for sharing with us mate. Keep up the good work.

Johanna - September 15, 2012

Hi April,
I have liked astronomy way back in my elementary days, and how I wish the apps you have mentioned have already been available back then (oh yeah, there weren’t any cellphones at that time, let alone smartphones). Anyways, I have an Apple device so I will try out the Apple Apps you have featured here. I’ll definitely check out Luminos! Thanks for writing this up!


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