Add Live Chat Software to Improve Your Website

Most companies will have a website to provide their service and sell their products. Attracting traffic to their website can be difficult; keeping visitors on the website can be even harder! If the site is unclear and the visitor is finding it challenging to navigate, they will abandon the website.

Implementing a live chat tool  on the website can improve the visitor experience. Should they have a question they can easily speak with a representative. 85% of customers with unanswered questions will try another site for more information.

Let’s Break it Down

Some live chat providers segment their software into modules; separating the administrative areas from operations. This breakdown makes it easier for customer service representatives to focus on handling chat. Supervisors and managers can concentrate on overseeing the account. Each user should receive full training within their remit to ensure the best results.

Prioritising Testing Efforts

Some businesses are concerned about having a chat tool live on their website without training their staff or testing thoroughly. Chat solutions should have a separate testing/demo area, which allows the software to be used in real time by operators without being available on the website.

It is easy for businesses to undertake A/B testing as some solutions allows for multiple chat buttons and windows to be used in conjunction on the website. Analysing the results of the uptake can show what designs visitors prefer.

Providing the Right Message

Organisations should ensure their navigation is clear as possible, with the purpose that the experience for the visitor is effortless.

Every piece of text, image and feature on businesses websites have been thought out and chosen accordingly. Adding live chat to a website shouldn’t be any different as it has the possibility of increasing sales. The live chat solution should be customisable to appear relevant on the website rather than a third party product.

There can be some confusion over design, a button that just shows chat bubbles can direct visitors to a contact us page or a live chat. Make it obvious what the buttons are, a button stating the function is a lot clearer to the customer attempting to navigate your website.

Increasing Conversions and Customer Satisfaction

Having another communication channel that is instantly accessible on the website can increase sales and customer satisfaction.  Some visitors would never contact the company via telephone or email due to waiting on hold for a response, however they now have a quick and simple way to get in touch.

To convert traffic in chat, firstly a business needs their visitors to start a chat. There are 2 ways of doing this:

  • Reactive
  • Proactive

The reactive way for a businesses to encourage visitors to chat, is to place chat buttons on the website, these buttons will initiate the chat. The buttons can either be embedded into website, meaning it is a static button that does not move and can be found in handy place. The other type is a sticky button that has an attached position (most commonly bottom right,) the button stays in view as the customer scrolls.

A business can also proactively invite a customer into chat; an image appears on the website after a set amount of time or on a certain page, offering the visitor help via chat. Customers are still in control whether or not a chat is initiated and can decline it, however the business determines when and how the proactive appears.

Visitors are at different stages of the sales process when they enter a chat. Some may be researching into products and services requiring a lot of help, others may be on the checkout page needing a quick question answered. Live chat can help any customer despite their stage; a business should ensure they have a chat button placed throughout the website. Using proactive invitations on key pages such as the checkout page.

Understand What Affects User Experience

Some live chat solutions also include website analytics, this tracking allows businesses to see individual visitors on the website and analyse their behaviour to identify any pain points on the website that require improvement.

For example if visitors are abandoning the website within a certain time frame or on a specific page there may be issues with visitors being unclear on where they need to go next. Businesses can rectify this by ensuring the customer journey is clearly mapped out, checking any links to see if they are broken.

To Conclude

Live chat software improves the experience on your website by having your representatives closer to your online visitors. Any questions or issues can be brought to the company’s attention instantly allowing them to respond.

It will also increase the quality metrics of the traffic, as analytics platforms including Google measure the average duration the visitors have spent on a website, those visitors in chat are on the website for longer therefore improving this metric.

For more information on how adding live chat can improve your website download Click4Assistance supporting documents.


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