5 Best Free Marketing Apps

With the abundance of apps out there, it is often hard to find the few apps that you really need and could actually use. The vast variety of applications inevitably leave some apps unnoticed, and those could easily be the most useful for your business processes. We have scoured through many apps, reviews and professional opinions, to come up with this extremely succinct list of 5 apps that will come in handy for every marketer. The best part? They’re all free!


Aids in: Organization at all levels

Evernote is basically organization made easy. It allows you to track concepts, outlines and all sorts of information,  and categorizes the same into notebooks that can be shared online with clients and colleagues. One of the best features is the desktop app, that automatically syncs and is accessible in really time provided you have access to the Internet.


Aid in: Increasing Productivity

Any.Do is an award winning app that lets you organize any task into to-do lists based on deadlines such as Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, and Someday. It sets out your goals in a simple but effective manner, creating an easy timeline that syncs through Chrome to your Gmail or directly to your computer. And yes, you can set multiple reminders for tasks, in the event that you aren’t constantly consulting this addictive app!


Aids in: Logical automated scenario planning

This is one of the most unique apps around. IFTTT, which stands for “If this, then that” is a scenario app that easily programs your smartphone. Basically, if a certain scenario occurs (if this), then a subsequent action results (then that). For instance, if you change your Facebook profile picture, then your Twitter picture will also change if you’ve set it so.


Aids in: Keeping up to date, any time

Pocket is an app that will help keep you up to date with current events in your field of interest – any time. Pocket allows to to view a video, article or any other information at a later time, if you can’t see it at the moment you view it.  It works alongside over 500 apps, including major news sources and social media. The best part is, once you’ve “pocketed” something, it remains on your smartphone and you don’t need an internet connection to view it!


Aids in: Relationship Management

Refresh aggregates data from various sources such as social media, manual inputs and more, combining everything into a neatly organized list that is easily accessible. It is the perfect app to prepare for client calls, ensuring that you are able to deliver through adding a “personal touch”. It also allows you to find new client interests (maybe even the ones you have in common) and reminds you of important dates in their lives and be constantly alerted so you can make a lasting positive impression!

These 5 free apps are must-have’s for any marketing professionals, and we guarantee they will make your life easier. If you’ve experiences any of these, or have other suggestions that we missed, be sure to leave us a note in the comments section below!

Akshata Mehta

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