Why You Won’t Be Disappointed When You Call Home Services – In Delhi the Next Time

Imagine a situation where you have a faulty wiring causing frequent tripping of your electrical system and the regular electrician is not picking up your call. You’ll feel exasperated right? Considering Delhi summer nights, the very thought of sleeping without the fan or AC can be tortuous, so imagine the real experience. So what do you do? The best option is looking up online for home services in Delhi, zero in on a listed electrical service and book an appointment. What happens next?

Expect the Unexpected

We somehow have an in-built skepticism about using home services from online resources, most probably because of previous bad experiences. You brace up for a long, hot and sweltering night, half-hoping that the electrician you booked online would turn up despite fully knowing that chances are bleak. And that’s when your phone rings and you get a confirmation that an electrician is on the way. The very next minute, the fellow himself calls up asking for directions. And a few minutes later your door bell rings.

30 minutes later, your electrical system spurts back to life, your AC is working fine and wonder of wonders, you are charged exactly what was mentioned on the website. Is this for real? Thankfully it is. Welcome to the newest and most convenient way of finding home services in Delhi.

An Untapped Goldmine, Literally

There are hundreds of individuals and families in Delhi, and indeed the whole of India, struggling to get their leaky faucets fixed, or their dirty laundries picked, washed and returned, or want their home appliance repaired, but fail to get access to a reliable and affordable service provider. There is a huge market of amazing opportunity just waiting to be tapped as people struggle on a daily basis to get efficient home services. Some smart entrepreneurs have discovered that this is a real untapped goldmine that’s waiting to be discovered.


The demand for online home services in Delhi is catching up. It is still early days for home services providers but looking at the response that recent startup like Yojini is getting, it is abundantly clear that this idea is resonating strongly with the Indian middle class. There are many hyperlocal startups on the home services scene now and they all seem to have made a fairly impressive start, considering the fact that the idea is just catching up. These firms are individually and collectively attempting to solve, what is seen as a major problem by many households in Delhi – finding the right service at the right time and at the right price.

What Is Driving the Industry?

So what are the key factors that are driving the home services industry? According to many experts, demographic changes can be one of the major biggest drivers for home services or on call services. The country’s working force is getting increasingly younger and there is more number of females joining the workforce. People ready to migrate to cities and explore opportunities can also be seen as a key reason for creation of service needs and thus opens up exciting possibilities for startups in this business.

The road ahead is undoubtedly challenging as businesses are always exposed to factors such as inconsistency in quality of delivery of services and their dependence of external factors.  Startup like Yogini offer home services in Noida and Faridabad, extending their reach to outskirts of Delhi, in a bid to increase their database of subscribers. They have realized that pioneering and making early entrance can give them the first mover advantage. The website of Yogini lists over 100 service categories with over 10000 service providers, carefully handpicked for their quality of service and reputation. The portal offers automotive services, home cleaning services, home and office Decor and also rental services.

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