Want to Learn Data Science? Here’s What You Need to Have

For the last four years, from the time when headlines like ‘Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’ started doing the rounds, hordes of students and professionals alike have been attracted to this field and want to make a career in it.

If you are one of them, do you really know what it takes to be a scientist? Read on for some gyaan.

Well-known data scientist Kirk Borne says, ‘There are many skills under the umbrella of data science, and we should not expect any one single person to be a master of them all. So I suggest that you become expert in two or more skill areas, but also have a working knowledge of the others.

Before signing up for a data science course, one must keep in mind that Big-Data-Analytics-Course-Syllabusthere is no single skill set that defines the role of a data scientist. There are several types of jobs that data scientists perform, depending on the skill they have. What you need to find out is what skill(s) you already have and then build on it.

  1. A basic familiarity with mathematical and statistical concepts like Linear Algebra, Probability, Calculus etc., is necessary for learning data science. However, not having a formal degree cannot stop you from being able to learn data science, though it can hamper your job prospects. Even if you are just a graduate in any of the science/ quantitative fields, you are good to go.
  1. Data scientists are not all hardcore programmers. But one must be able to learn data science programming tools like R and Python. Data science is about writing codes that can just efficiently analyze big data, and not being a master programmer.
  1. Regardless of whether data has to be extracted from a Hadoop cluster or a database, one may have to first deal with the SQL language layer at the top. A basic knowledge of SQL processes makes the process of learning data science easy, which is generally part of all beginner and intermediate level courses.
  1. Knowing how to write a Hadoop Map Reduce job is not mandatory; however, the knowledge of basic distributed systems like Pig, Hive and MapReduce will be of great help, particularly if one intends to work on the Big Data.

If you have all these skills, then you are fit to join the data science bandwagon. However, if you are falling short on any of these, there are several beginners to intermediate level of analytics courses that you can look at, such as Data Visualization, SAS Analytics and so on, which have equally good job opportunities.

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James Mathews

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