Travel Tips When Commuting with Kids

Road trips with kids using your own vehicle can be a pain in the neck. But road trips with kids using public transportation can be a recipe for a disaster. Inside a family car, your kids can be as chatty, noisy or even whiny as they want. Inside a cab or a train, it’s a different deal altogether. To help you and your kids survive a taxi service commute without spilling blood, I curated tips and tricks from Universal Taxi’s experienced cabbies.

Happy little boy in the car sitting in child safety seat and playing with tablet PC

Happy little boy in the car sitting in child safety seat and playing with tablet PC

  • Book ahead of time.

Children’s attention span is typically short and rather scary. The way they can turn from laughing angels to grumpy mini-monsters in an instant can test even the most patient parent or guardian. A long wait can trigger this transformation. To avoid this from happening, booking a cab ahead of time is a wise decision. This way, the excitement is still there when you all ride the cab.

  • Play a game.

It doesn’t matter if the commute is just a 15-minute ride or an hour-long, you should always have a list of activities in mind to entertain the children. If possible, avoid bringing too many toys. Instead, play a game to make them more curious and enthusiastic about the commute. This is especially an efficient trick if you and your children take the cab daily. Play a game about geography and landmarks. The streets of Chicago are always abuzz with activities. Point one to the kids and formulate a game of “what if” from it. For instance, if the cab passed by a Chicago pizza joint, ask the children – what if they’re in charge of the pizzeria, what toppings will the best-seller have?

Another great game to try is word association. Point a famous Chicago landmark to the children and ask them to describe it for you. You can also ask them to list words they can associate with the notable sight. This game is hitting two birds with one stone. You get to entertain the children and, in turn, they’ll broaden their vocabulary and imagination.

  • Bring a mini first-aid kit.

Kids react to commuting differently. Some take it in stride while others get dizzy after the first five minutes of the ride. To avoid dizziness or vomiting, make sure to bring easy-to-swallow medicine for children. To counteract nausea, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water, extra anti-vomit candies, and a plastic bag.

  • Pack a snack.

Apart from games, a neat trick to occupy your children’s time is a quick snack. Pack a savory snack such as bread sticks, cheese cubes, and dried fruits and nuts. Try not to give them sweets during the commute because confections and candies can unsettle the stomach. You may also want to just stick with water instead of juice packs.

  • Bring baby wipes.

It doesn’t matter if your kids are no longer wearing nappies, baby wipes are a must-bring item when commuting. Wipes are multifunctional. They can wash hands, clean toilet seats, and wipe public handles and doors.Universal Taxi Dispatch taxis are always spotless and odor-free, but as a parent or guardian, you can never be too sure or too clean.

With these tips, we hope you and your kids will have an enjoyable commute throughout Chicago.

Pulkit Juneja

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