Top 13 Mobile Apps To Enhance Your Networking Event

Nowadays, mobile phones have become a need of an hour and a large number of people are totally dependent upon them to perform their daily events. Mobile devices are no longer considered as a device to receive a call, or using Internet when you are away frotop_13_mobile-m your Wi-Fi connection. However, new and improved mobile applications have drastically changed the definition and purpose of mobile phones when it comes to enhancing your networking events. Mobile devices with the right mobile applications can be a great help to make sure that you will get the most out of your new connections.

Although, networking events and conferences are great place to make new connections, mobile apps are something that is unbeatable. Today, in the digital age, there are many apps that help you to exchange contact details and important information, to send reminders for important meetings, and lunches, or scheduling meetings, to make notes, and even help you to remember difficult names. So, here is the list of the mobile apps that enhances your networking events via applications.

List of Apps for Networking Events

  1. CityHour: For one-to-one communication with your nearby professionals, CityHour is probably the best mobile application. It also sync with LinkedIn profile tofind your in and out contacts easily. This is one of the best way to arrange in-person meeting and that too at free of cost.List-of-apps1
  1. Intro: Intro is an app that acts as a digital business card by telling your business information that you want share it with your selected group of people. With this application, you can keep a track of people you have shared your intro with and also the cards you have received. This is the easiest way to make contacts and save them in your address. You can use it at free of cost.
  1. Namerick: Are you bad at remembering names? If so, then NamNamerick1erick is an app for you. It improves memory of people’s names and the best pa rt about using this application is that  it is easy to use, simple and really effective, but it is not free of cost.
  1. Camcard: This app is for those who don’t like carrying a bundle of cards. With Camcard, you can scan or read all your business cards and manage and exchange them with e-cards. This app is an ideal for salesperson, entrepreneur, business developers and business person. Its basic is free.
  1. Evernote: This is an app to collect all personal and professional related information from anywhere. Whether it is a handwritten notes or chat, this app keeps a record of everything that is important for you. Evernote helps you to save your favourite blog or article in your documents, marks up important images and messages to share with your  friends and colleagues. You can get its basic for free.
  1. Periscope: Periscope
    Periscope allows you to broadcast live video, which will make your followers instantly notify and comment on your video. You can broadcast the videos from anywhere and share it here on the app to tell your followers about your whereabouts. Its a free live video streaming app.
  1. Groupme: This is a free group messaging app, owned by Microsoft, which provides you a private chat room for your small group. So create a room to chat with your friends and colleagues and also can announce about your event via this app.
  1. Twitter: This is the newest way to stay connecTwitterted with your friends and updated with the current news and through this platform you can tweet about your latest event or conference to your followers. You can tweet, share videos and images with eye-catching and popular hashtags to make it highly searchable. It is a free platform that is popular among people.
  1. Contxts: Contxts is an app that enables professionals to share their contact details and other details via SMS. So get rid of old times business cards and make a smart move by exchanging all of your professional details with text messaging. You can use this app for free.
  1. Lanyrd: Even if you attend an event, it is not possible to meet all the people who have attended the event, or at times, you miss out many importaLanyrdnt things related to the event. Therefore, you need something that will show you the attendee directory, speaker directory and many more things that you need to know about the event. Lanyrd is an excellent app for getting more out of the events you are tracking or attending. Through the app, you can view the conference schedule and see the attendees and to do so, you don’t need Wi-Fi availability.
  1. Foursquare: If you are travelling to a networking event, you need to know the best places around the city to have a event. Foursquare is an ultimate city guide that assists you with best places to drink, eat, shop and visit. This app is free, so you don’t have to take any plan to use it.
  1. Bizzabo: Yet another app for event networking for conferences. With bizzabo connect with your fellow attendees even when the event is over. During the event, it becomes difficult to meet all attendees speakers, and sponsors. This app connects you with all the people of the event and also gives you suggestions of people that you desire to know about.
  1. Facebook Messenger:  Its free group messagFacebook_Messengering app that lets you chat, share videos and images, add drawing and text, send location and send a map. There is an in-built camera to snap or shoot your favourite moment and send it to your friends.

Last words

Today, there are many mobile apps that enhances your networking event, but in order to get the most out of your events, you have to select the best one out that is popular among your group. Through research, you can install the best mobile app that will assist you in connecting and enhancing your networking event. All the aforementioned apps are some of the best mobile apps for enhancing networking event. So, want to try them out to see the results yourself?

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