The Experts: Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips

If you’re still a beginner with social media marketing and you’re looking up to some people to get tips for your own, that is definitely the best way to climb your stairs of success. All you have to do is to learn from them. Since we are talking about social media, we have here the top ten social media marketing tips for your reference. You should get a copy of this so that you will have something to look for when you need it.

The Experts Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips

The Experts Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips


1. Post unique contents. We’re not tired of saying that content is the key. Posting informative contents will help you gain more followers, readers and subscribers. You will earn loyalty from them because they are learning things on everything that you post.


2. Post regularly. If you’re posting good contents like once a year, well that doesn’t makes sense at all. All your hard-earned traffic will be gone because your website will look stagnant. Try to make schedules for your posts. Never say you will post on this day but you can’t do it. Never commit if you can’t so instead of putting yourself on shame, make a definite schedule for it.


3. Always share and tweet. After you’ve posted your article for that day, always keep in mind to share it with all of your social media networking site accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every social media platform that you have. That is one of the best social media marketing strategy.


4. Always be visible. Learn to interact with your clients and followers. Try to respond to every message that you receive as long as you can.


5. Build a better logo. Your logo will always say something about your brand so if you can, create the best logo that you can have. You need it as part of the foundation for your social media marketing.


6. Learn from all of your mistakes. There is no such thing as permanent in this world. Whatever happened yesterday is past and you should learn from your mistakes. Analyze posts before hitting that publish button and always try to improve your way of writing everyday.


7. Never fish for likes and shares. Stop trying hard to get likes and shares. Engage with your audiences and if they found your post interesting they will like and share it.


8. Schedule your posts. To keep you organized, try to set a day wherein you can schedule your posts for a certain week so that you won’t get tired and forget about posting on all of your social media accounts.

9. Know what your competitors are posting. It doesn’t mean you’re going to copy their posts but you should learn their formats so that you can create your own posts out of it.


10. Create professional videos. You can benefit more if you create videos and upload it to Youtube. Social media marketing is better with written and video contents so try to go with the flow to attract more customers.

Now that you’ve finished reading these top ten social media marketing tips from the experts it is your turn to move and do it.


Source: business2community

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