Technology : The Cool Things That You Can Do with Google Drive

So are you now using Google Drive? It is another technology upgrade. It was launched on the 24th day of April 2012 written on different tech news section of websites and began one of the most-used storage. It allows users to store files in the cloud, share files and lets users to edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets. It has more than a million active users now. If you’ve a long time use of Google Drive, you’ll notice that they have new features. It is said to be one of the most secure storage and cheaper compared to those in line in the same services. Companies and freelancers prefer to use Google Drive because it is easier to use. Google Drive is similar to Dropbox but is a part of Google Apps. If you don’t discovered yet, you can check their coolest options and everything that you can do with Google Drive.

Use the recent items to see what’s going on. In an organization, sometimes it is difficult to communicate. You should use the recent document feature of the google drive to see which document should be the one to edit. You can view what other people changed with the documents. It is best to use for an organization with few people such as Accounting and Human Resources Department. Isn’t it good how technology can make your life easier?

You can restrict your documents from being shared to different people outside your department. With Google Drive, you can limit to share your files to people who are entitled for such documents rather than sending it to them one by one. Sending files via email addresses are dangerous because you might send sensitive information to the wrong person.

You can create a Google form. It is best to use with businesses and surveys. It has fields on a web page which ask and let users answer questions by typing their answers on the specific field. All the data is accessible in a Google Sheet which looks exactly like an Excel Spreadsheet. With this new feature of modern technology for Google Drive, people will have more options on what to use.

It use folders to organize things. If you’re an organized type of person and you like to arrange everything in order such as your files, you can use folders on Google Drive to separate different files according to their categories.

You can view the revision history. Sometimes you may want to know who changed something on the file that you’re working on and you cannot just tell who did it. With Google Drive, you can trace who among the users of the file changed something on it. Each change in the file is tracked by date and the person who made some changes. That is what you can call time machine of technology.

You can use a shareable link to share it with other people. You can just choose which file to share by copying the link of it but you need to grant their access so they can see it. Its either you share it directly to them or just send the link of it.

It is good for dealing with large files easily. Google Drive can allow you to send large files compared to when you’re using an email or different way of tech data transfer but your receivers should also have a Google Drive account for them to be able to see it. Downloads are faster via Google Drive. Google create more and more usable portions of technology for the world.



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