SEO 2016: Avoid These Mistakes

Today is 2016 and let us talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Have you created your goals for this year? Are you sure that everything is doing fine about your SEO plans? Sometimes, putting on too much effort on something is not how you can manage things well. You have to know the pros and cons of everything to achieve better results. Have you also prioritized your Internet security and online privacy by using a vpn? Internet security is one thing that you should have to avoid data and information loss. Don’t focus on the positive outcome but you also have to know which negativity is affecting your whole SEO plans. It’s all about strategies and adaptation and if you keep on doing what you’ve been used to do, you’re probably get stuck on the same ranking this year.


Just in case you need some reference on how you can make progress compared to the last year’s Search Engine Optimization result, here are some mistakes to avoid for a more productive 2016.

You’re not protecting your data and online accounts.

It’s been so long since hackers evolved in the online world. If you’re not protecting your online data, then you are putting yourself to the risk of being their next target. Don’t let your research and online accounts get stolen by them in just a blink of an eye. Your top most priority should be protecting everything from your accounts to information and transactions. We have two tips to protect it and it is your decision to finally learn on how to give importance on this issues.

  • Keep your email accounts secured. This is where all your data, information, transactions and everything go. Don’t let hackers get all their needed information to get it from you. Learn on how to change password regularly and set the strongest password that you can create. Make sure to combine letters and numbers with uppercase and lowercase. You can also add special characters in it.
  • Use a vpn. When you feel like working while in travel, you’ll be prone to many public networks and that can make you feel tempted about connecting on it. While open networks can save you money instead of connecting with your data roaming, you can be also connecting to networks which are used to get information to do cyber-crimes. Using a vpn can help you protect your Internet security and online privacy effortlessly.

You’re using your oldest techniques to get keywords.

Identifying keywords can be a little bit routinary task for most SEO. You may get keywords which were trended years ago but it doesn’t matter anymore today. You can have many SEO tools and update some SEO software that you use so that you’ll get better keywords results.

You always forget to check links.

Links are one of the most important things regarding Search Engine Optimization. How can you create more traffic if your links are broken and directed to the wrong website? You should always try to proofread and check every links associated with your articles and titles so that it won’t be another mistake for your SEO plans this 2016.

There are many ways on how you can avoid certain mistakes so all you have to do is take time to research and write all your SEO plans ahead of time. Having a vpn that can protect your data and research can be one of the top of your priorities this 2016.


Nathan Simpson

Nathan Simpson is an analyst at FrootVPN who has a passion for writing about Internet security and online privacy. He is also into travel, photography and keeping himself busy with freelance writing every weekend. @OnlyNathSimpson

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