Samsung To Launch New Smartwatch “Altius”

As if the galaxy of smartphones and tablet computers in the market wasn’t enough we now have smartwatches entering the fray! Yes – right after Apple and their aficionados went to town about the upcoming “iWatch,” Samsung too have thrown down the gauntlet by informally announcing their new smartwatch dubbed “Altius.”

Here’s what’s known of Samsung’s latest timekeeping innovation:

Launch and Retail Details

a)      Reliable sources aver that the Altius would be formally launched at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in the last week of February 2013. However other observers also opine that the Altius could be introduced later – especially at Samsung’s special media event in March 2013.


b)      There is no final word on when the Altius would be commercially sold; analysts, however, believe that it could be sometime in April 2013 when Samsung’s prized Galaxy S4 smartphone is retailed.


Purported Look and Design

The Altius’ appearance was made public courtesy of Ruliweb, a Korean online portal. The portal depicts the Altius as a square-shaped device housing an LCD screen in the front, which boldly shows the time in a clock format. The screen is understood to measure 1.5 inches diagonally, house a 500 by 500-pixel resolution, and possess a screen density of 471 pixels per inch.

The upper left corner of the screen shows a network symbol belonging to SKT, a noted cellular operator based in South Korea. The network symbol suggests that the Altius could support data sharing in some form – perhaps through synchronization with a smartphone. The screen is also shown with a battery meter at the upper right hand corner and a slider bar at the bottom – further strengthening the rumor that the device would bear touch handling.

The portal’s other images manifest discrete applications pertaining to playing music, sounding alarms, and processing emails (along with another undisclosed application) outlining the versatility of the smartwatch. Though the predominant language showcased by the images seems to be Korean, a final picture shows the screen spelling the words “Galaxy Altius” in prominent English lettering.

Ruliweb, incidentally, do not conclusively reveal the color of the Altius but the smartwatch is widely expected to be sold in attractive hues. This would definitely be an incentive for style-conscious consumers to buy the Altius and show it off in front of their friends and peers.



Internal Attributes

The Altius is said to sport an operating system called Altius OS (beta2), whose features are common with those of Samsung’s Galaxy range of devices. This connotes that Samsung are keen to equip the Altius with a distinctive user interface (separate from the popular Android system) thereby allowing the device to carve an exclusive niche.

Since Apple’s iWatch smartwatch is the main competitor, the Altius is projected to incorporate the former’s touted functionalities like Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth, voice assistance, map guidance, and health monitoring. These features would certainly make for a more comprehensive and user-friendly gadget.


The entire technological world awaits the release of the Altius smartwatch. Will it exceed expectations and outperform the iWatch? Only time (literally) will tell!



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Christopher J - May 3, 2013

Will wait and see how samsung brings smartwatch different from Sony! 🙂

Dylann Andre - May 5, 2013

This is another interesting product to watch out for especially for techie people. And this is surely another threat to Apple’s another product. Really exciting!

Martin - June 13, 2013

Hi there. Really a great post. Nice information. Thanks for sharing it.

Dylann Andre - July 27, 2013

Looks like Samsung would not want to be left behind with Apple. This is very beneficial for us consumers to have a wide variety of choices.


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