Online Dating: Best Tips on how to stay safe and secure

Online Dating is going widespread and people nowadays are busy on visiting different websites especially dating sites to join and be part of the dating services that the website caters. Some might say that most of them are just really desperate in joining in this kind of dating site. There is a research where there are more than 40 million Americans, About 40% of all the singles, uses online dating sites and it is a successful way to meet the love of their life.



It is only a few who knows that there is at least one person met their current wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or a partner on a dating website. If you are taking a chance in joining the world of online dating, here are some of the tips you can use to make your experience

Here are some of the online dating tips that you can use to stay safely:


Tip #1: If you’re not familiar with the latest gadgets or unsure what you should write on your profile, ask a younger friend, or relative that can help you in putting something on your profile. Don’t let a lack of familiarity keep you from participating in online dating. Chances are excellent that someone you know already knows the ropes and would be willing to help coach you. Most online dating sites offer some easy tips to help you how to get along on their site


Tip #2: You should be a 101%  honest in your profile name and photo. Never lie about your age, your background or your personality. Not everyone will take this advice, but you don’t want to start a relationship on a lie, and somewhere down the road, others will know that you aren’t what you say you are (or you don’t look like your photo).


Tip #3: Many online dating sites are tailored to specific interests. These days, there are some dating sites for every type of person and interest. For example, a dating site called appeals to individuals looking for a partner based on racial preference;  the JDate is a popular place to go for Jewish singles. Others, like, appeal to people over 50. Browse the Internet and ask your friends.


Tip #4: Protect your identity and anonymity. You shouldn’t give personal information, like address, phone number or even your email address out to a stranger over the internet. It is best to use your first name only during the initial conversations and provide more detailed personal information only after you’ve met in person and gotten to know one another well. The legitimate online daters will understand the reasons for doing this and will be doing the same themselves. Also if you are scared if they might be a hacker that might get all of your internet data, using a VPN will give you protection from all of the cyber attacks on the internet.


Tip #5: Beware of any potential partner who asks you directly for cash, or to cash a money order or check. Never give your last name, address, or other personal or financial information to a person you have not met and known personally.


Tip #6: Take your time getting to know someone online. Studies show that relationships develop faster online. You can also wait at least one week or even a month before you meet face-to-face. And, before you meet in person, move the conversation from online to the phone. During a phone chat, you’ll get a better sense of whether your personalities click.


Tip #7: When you are ready to meet, arrange it on a busy public place, like a coffee shop, bookstore, mall or other retail outlets. Don’t have your date pick you up or drive you home. It’s a good idea to let someone else know your plans, where you’re going, what time, and your date’s name. You can even have a friend drop you off and pick you up from this first in-person meeting.


Tip #8: Listen to your gut. Online dating is a great way to find people with common interests, but building a relationship really takes time and attention. Look for consistency in behaviors and answers to your questions. Pay attention to early warning signs that someone might not be legitimate or might not be presenting themselves honestly.


Tip #9: Don’t be talked into any action that is not in your interest. As with anything you do on the Internet, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.


Online dating might be so exciting and it must be your chance to meet the love of your life. You can grab this chance with extra care and enjoy your love story.


Nathan Simpson

Nathan Simpson is an analyst at FrootVPN who has a passion for writing about Internet security and online privacy. He is also into travel, photography and keeping himself busy with freelance writing every weekend. @OnlyNathSimpson

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