iPhone 7 Expected Features: Edge-to-Edge Screen, 14nm A9 Chip and DSLR

The rain of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and if you believe more rumors then you may able to see 4-inch iPhone called iPhone 7 Mini too. The latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might be released in September. But this could turn false rumor.

Here are the iPhone 7 rumors, expected features and details. Check out.

  • Apple will certainly refresh the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, what we have in the line, third model is rumored but not exactly focused after the popularity of larger phones.


  • A9 processing chip will be powering the next gen iPhone’s. There is news from Samsung back in December that it was working on A9 chips for Apple using its 14nm FinFET technology.

Not much changes in design:

  • Latest iPhone’s are really very slender and light but Apple is expected to deduct the dimensions little bit to keep the “lightest, thinnest” tagline up.
  • Do you think Apple will keep its upcoming flagship curved or edged screen. Apple will not follow the Galaxy S6 Edge at least not in near future.
  • It is likely to have an edge-to-edge screen with Home button integrated into the display.
  • We might able to have the Force Touch display technology on the upcoming iPhone 7 duo. Need to compete Galaxy S6 duo and keeping up pace with the design ideology of Watch and the latest MacBooks.

Apple is rumored to deliver most focus to the camera module.

USB Type C port

The release of the new MacBook and the rumors of iPad Plus is directing through Apple might fit in the USB-C port in all its latest iPhone’s. This could be little unsure thing, as Apple has jumped to Lightning and making the design changes in iPhone 6 duo so there is hopefully not likely to occur any huge changes this year 2015. May be these changes belong to 2016 from Apple.

Improved camera in spotlight of iPhone 7:

  • The vital and very raw rumors about iPhone 7 taken place right after the iPhone 6 duo was released in 2014. Apple is expected to feature a dual-lens camera module in iPhone 7 with a DSLR standard picture quality. Owing to this fact that fans are satisfied and expecting any further design changes in the next iPhone’s. If Apple offers upgraded camera module that would for sure become the USP for Apple.

iPhone 7 release date:

  • Release date will be somewhere in September around. But this is rare to happen. We hope Iphone 7 will release in September 2016, come with iOS 10.

Do you think that there can be joysticks for iPhone as it is not going to happen near future? Mobile gamers with joysticks sound good.

iPhone 7 rumor roundup will never wrap at least till release. Apple fans start talking about iPhone 8 also. So enjoy the speculations as it is giving the vague idea about the phone to its fan.

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