How To Proceed on Preparing for AIPMT 2016

In this advanced era of the twenty first century, it is not rocket science to crack AIPMT in first attempt, “The All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance” or as we usually know it as ‘AIPMT’, the gateway to becoming a medical student and then become a qualified Doctor, a profession which is very much highly respected in our society.

Offline Study:

Apart from self-discipline and hard work, smart methods of practice through group discussions, coaching classes, joining a common forum on latest topics, taking part in monthly assessment exams via coaching centres, interactions or discussions with Subject Specialists – example microbiology etc, doing research and studies in the quiet library, prepare notes as you proceed through each subject and chapters, Question Bank books, MCQ books, Text books on medicine, surgery related etc. all these play the most important part in preparation to AIPMT entrance exam.

Online Helpers:

As much as offline study materials are important in the preparation, with the click of a button, students who are on the path of preparing for AIPMT entrance exam can and should take advantage of participating in online mock tests / exercises, recent advancement, course materials based on the latest AIPMT syllabus or have access to question papers prepared by experts, share knowledge or discuss with fellow counterparts on AIPMT 2016 latest news. Multiple online tutors/coaching classes are also available for students. Thus helping them groom when they finally face the actual entrance exam.


Since it is a matter of studying about twenty to twenty five subjects approximately, it is advisable to start the process of rereading, memorizing, review etc of the subjects or notes on it around six months before the AIPMT examination date.

Source to get AIPMT info/Updates:

All the aspiring medical students have to do is to create a USER ID and PASSWORD in order to access the official AIPMT site From here the students can access latest info and updates of AIPMT application form date, age limit, answer key, download AIPMT 2016 exam form, can even download AIPMT admit card, and all the related FAQs and make the most out of it.

It is also advisable for students to download and install AIPMT App on their mobile phones or Tablets/iPads to get easy access to AIPMT latest news at the reach of their hands.
Preparing for AIPMT not only makes the students ready for it but it will also make them aware of ‘All India Post Graduate Medical/Dental Entrance Exam’ or AIPGMEE type questions since it covers almost its entire syllabus. This way, the aspiring students have themselves ready for their future higher studies in the field of medicine. There are factors like limited number of seats and poor marks that are taken into account while selecting medical institutes at the time of admission after the students pass the pre-medical entrance exam. For example, AIIMS, New Delhi is the top medical institute in India and it is not easy to get admission there, but if a student succeed to get a degree from it then he/she has paves their way to work anywhere. So, while trying to crack AIPMT, students should keep this in mind as well.

While preparing for the entrance exam, students should also remember to relax, and follow early regular hours of study and to enjoy full night sleep.

All these process paves a long way to the preparation of cracking the AIPMT entrance exam to become a successful professional in the field of medicine, thus serving all forms of lives and making a better society, a better India.

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