How to Choose a SAS Training Course?

Since the introduction of SAS as an analytics and data management tool there has been a dearth of skilled SAS professionals and it runs in this decade too. Even with the advent of new tools like Python the industry has not got over SAS as yet; so if you are planning to turn all those pages full of job ads for SAS professionals into a prospect for yourself, it is not a bad idea at all. There are plenty of online and off line courses providing SAS training. While there are some famous paid courses there is no lack of free resources on the web.

Why do you need a training course?

You can join tutorials to prepare for the exams that distinguish you as a certified SAS professional or you can teach yourself. Training yourself with the help of free resources cannot be discarded as an economical option; but consider this, do you believe money to be the only currency that dictates our life. The huge amount of time you will be wasting on irrelevant material can hardly be compensated by the money you will save. But taking up all the SAS training courses blindly too is an expensive mistake. You must choose the best for yourself. Let us see if the points below can help you.

 The Course Outline

This is quite obvious, what you learn is what matters the most. While the immense importance of analytics is all set to sustain itself for quite some time, the industry and its requirements keep changing colour and shape. You must make sure that whatever SAS training course you choose falls in line with the needs of the industry you are willing to work in.

This is where the importance of a demo course lies. Whichever institute you are enrolling in should be able to provide you with a demo of the materials; make good use of it to choose better. Also make sure that you are choosing the course in accordance with your own skill level.

The medium of training

SAS training courses are available around the globe in both online and offline mediums. While some include written materials and exercise sheets some have web based visual training. Depending on the topic and nature of the course certain amount of time is required for each one. Make sure you consider the options and understand what suits you best.


You are investing in the training programme so do not hesitate to reassure yourself about the faculty profile. Make sure that the instructors have been out there in the industry. It is the experience they pass on to you that will help you survive the heat.


If the academy offers you a place in the alumni community or adds you to a network of professionals, it is a good sign. Look for institutes with a buzzing community. This will help you to stay in the zone.

A large number of experienced SAS professionals were not formally trained or certified but experience keeps them in the game but as the field of analytics keeps growing exponentially the SAS training and certification can surely put you a step ahead and well, increase your pay scale. So give it a thought and choose well.

James Mathews

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